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Wayne County Board of Education starts official plans for Walker Early Learning Center Renovation

Dylan Parmley

Wayne County Board of Education starts official plans for Walker Early Learning Center renovation

     The Wayne County Board of Education agreed to approve a BG1 form which will officially start the ball rolling on the renovation of Walker Early Learning Center once the application is approved by the Kentucky Department of Education, during their monthly meeting. The facility houses preschool and kindergarten services on the campus.

      While the first goal was to build an entirely new building, the rise in costs for materials has escalated so fast that the board had to take a step back and re-think the project. The project had stalled in hopes some of the cost for supplies decreased, but that has not been the case.

      The good news is that the square footage of the current building will provide more space than the proposed new building plan covered. Deco-Architects have presented renovations drawings for the existing facility which should transform the interior and exterior of the building. The renovation plans will make the building more usable and more welcoming to the community.

      Several items on the agenda dealt with another renovation project already launched on the campus, known as the WCHS Gym Indoor Air Quality Improvement Project. Travis Curry, of Codell Construction Company, attended the meeting to discuss a baseline schedule for the project, along with bids they were recommending which were approved by the board. The board approved the improvement project, as well as paying GRW Engineering for $128,552. for professional services. The board also agreed to hire a facility commissioning group to perform commissioning services on the project for $26,790.

      In other business:

      *Awarded a bid to Brown’s Janitorial Services after reviewing three proposals. The board voted in favor, except for one opposed vote by Jarrad Chriswell and one abstention by Larry Muse. ABM has been the current custodial service the school has contracted with for their buildings.

       *Assistant Superintendent Brian Dishman announced a new community-based accountability idea that will be starting in October which will survey the community to help establish a profile of success for students.

       *Approved to pay an invoice to Conley Gregory Construction in the amount of $37,698.57 for work in relation to the Wayne County Track and Soccer Field Grandstand Area.

       *Agreed to begin the District Facility Planning Process, where a new committee is gathered every four years to formulate a report of prioritized needs for the district.

       *Approved bids from Monticello Medical Associates (for regular) and Wayne County Hospital (for CDL) regarding pre-employment physicals and TB skin tests.

        *Amended the salary schedules for substitute teachers plus extra duty as an incentive measure.

        *Approved to declare three buses as surplus property and donate to Letcher County Schools who were affected by the recent flooding devastation. Books and teaching supplies are also being donated.

         *The board met in executive session to discuss pending litigation, with no action taken. 


Board of Education Members

Board of Education Members  (l-R) Larry Muse, Jarrod Criswell, Benton Sloan, Superintendent Wayne Roberts, Melissa Upchurch, Whitney Smith, and Transportation Director Justin Alley stood in front of the 3 surplus buses that will be donated to Letcher County Schools' flood relief.

Teachers sending books to Letcher County Schools

 WCMS Curriculum Coach Jeannie Sexton loading books from Middle School to take to Letcher County Schools.

Teachers getting books ready to send to Letcher County Schools

 Walker Early Learning Center Media Specialist Emily Upchurch packed boxes from Scholastic Level Reading Library books for Kindergarten students in Letcher County Schools. Books from Wayne County Schools were donated from Kindergarten through 8th grade levels.