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    Wayne County will resume in-person classes on Monday, September 28 on an alternating schedule.  In-person students will be assigned to attend school on either Red (Monday & Wednesday) or White (Tuesday and Thursday) days.  All other days will be virtual days.  Expect communication from your child’s teacher regarding their assignment by the end of the day on Tuesday, September 22nd. Arrangements will be made for all members of the same household to attend on the same days.  Students who chose the full-time virtual option will continue with virtual instruction. 

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Think Before You Send

  • -Remember Nothing is Private on the Internet-Your Images will be shared and passed around by other. Once it is out there you have no control.
  • -When You Post to the Internet It Never Goes Away- It may seen fun and flirty and you send it on a dare, but teachers, parents, potential employers, college recruiters, coaches, friends and enemies can find you past post forever. Link to Ad Councils Video, Bulletin Board
  • -Don't Let Others Pressure You Into Something You Don't Want To Do (even Online)- 40% of teen girls say they post sexually explicit images because of "peer pressure". Take control of your own actions and say "No."
  • -What Will the Person Who Receives the Post Think - You might mean something to be a joke or funny, but they may take it as the type of person you are. Consider the real-life impression you are leaving. Could this ruin your reputation? Link to Ad Councils Video, Everyone Knows Your Name
  • -You Are Not Anonymous- 20% of the teens who post sexually suggestive images do so to people they only know on line. Remember that someone can find your email, phone number and address if they try hard enough.*



New Resources from "I love u guys" on Sexting. Resource includes videos, powerpt presentation and others items to use with schools.
The laws are very precise about child pornography. If a middle aged man is prosecuted for taking explicit pictures of a teenage girl, then he ends up on a sexual offender registry. He's the perpetrator. She's the victim. It get's a little more confusing when it's the 14 year old girl taking and sending pictures of herself...

Resources from the National Crime Prevention Council

Sexting: How Teens Can Stay Safe A reproducible handout with information for teens on the dangerous practice of sexting.

Cell Phones Gone Wild ? You have heard the stories about sexting in the news lately. Most of the stories take place in schools and involve teenagers. But, what is sexting?

Sexting" and Other Picture Posting Pitfalls In the past few weeks, I've read stories that should make us all pause and...

Tips to Prevent Sexting (Connect Safely)

Tips to Prevent Sexting (NetSmartz)

Feds release cyber safety booklet


Sexting In the News