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EKU Now! Dual-Credit

2018-19 EKU Now Dual-Credit Program

EKU will come to WCHS probably during the first week of school and do their Fall Orientation presentation.  We will pass that info along as soon as it is scheduled. 


Application Deadlines: 
Fall Semester-- June 15                        
Spring Semester-- November 1
** Note:  Classes fill up quickly.  We recommend registering for these classes as soon as you know you meet the criteria to get into the program.


Am I Eligible for Classes through EKU?

  • Upcoming Sophomores can take one course per semester if they meet the first scholarship level (the middle column on the chart).  They should apply as a freshman. 
  • Upcoming Juniors & Seniors can take two classes each semester.   They should apply at the end of their sophomore and junior years. 
  • If  you took classes this past year from EKU, you still need to reapply for the following school  year. 

Paid Classes (approximately $165 per class)

1 Free Class Each Semester
Scholarship Level 1

2 Free Classes Each Semester
Scholarship Level 2

Minimum GPA of 3.0

20 ACT Composite

18 ACT English

20 ACT Reading

Minimum GPA of 3.0

21 ACT Composite

18 ACT English

19 ACT Math

20 ACT Reading


Minimum GPA of 3.5

23 ACT Composite

18 ACT English

19 ACT Math

20 ACT Reading


* KYOTE or COMPASS test scores may be substituted if ACT sub-scores do not meet minimum requirements. SAT equivalencies are also accepted.


What do I need to do to take EKU Classes:

  1. Apply to the EKU Now Dual Credit program @ http://dualcredit.eku.edu/how-do-i-apply-0 . 
  2. Complete the Tuition Acknowledgement Form & return it to Mrs. Miller in the guidance office.  
  3. Let Mrs. Miller know which classes you want to take. 




EKU Dual Credit - Online Dual Credit Courses for Fall 2018

Below, you will find the course descriptions for the EKU Dual Credit online offerings for Fall 2018 in which we are currently reserving spaces.   If you have students wishing to enroll in any of these sections, please email me their names.  There are limited spaces available in each section and spaces in these classes will be reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis.   Students with complete applications and who meet the EKU Dual Credit participation criteria by June 15 will be given precedence over students with outstanding application requirements and test scores. 

Due to an increased demand for online courses:

  1. Students who apply online after the application deadline of June 15th may not receive the course(s) they have chosen and may have a reduced selection of courses from which to choose.
  2. Students who do not qualify before the June ACT, may not receive the course(s) they have chosen and may have a reduced selection of courses from which to choose. 

EKU Dual Credit Fall 2018 100% Online Sections



Reserved on a First-Come-First-Serve Basis



ENG 101 - Reading, Writing and Rhetoric


ENG 102 - Research, Writing and Rhetoric

A writing course developing critical reading skills while integrating and responding to varied sources; composing texts including summaries, analyses, evaluations, responses, and arguments; emphasizing style, organization, coherence, purpose, and persuasion for different audiences; General Education Element 1A; General Education Block IA [WC]


Prerequisite: ENG 101 with a minimum grade of "C".  A writing course refining components of ENG 101 studying information sources and research methods; accessing, critically reading, evaluating, integrating and documenting primary and secondary sources; utilizing information technology for inquiry, analysis and argumentation.  Gen. Ed. E-1B [WG]




PSY 200 - Introduction to Psychology


HIS 102 - American Civilization to 1877

Prerequisite: completion of developmental reading requirement. A survey of the major content areas and methods of psychology, including history, biological correlates, cognition, language, intelligence, motivation, emotion, development, personality, abnormal, therapy, and social behavior. Credit will not be awarded for both PSY 200 and 200W. Gen. Ed. E-5B [SB]


Transition from colonial to independent republic; social, cultural, and economic institutions derived from agrarian conditions; the influence of European foundations.  Required of all majors and Minors in history. Gen. Ed. E-5A




CMS 100 - Introduction to Human Communication


MUH 171 - Music Appreciation

An introduction to the study of human communication. Overview of major topics in contemporary theories of intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, and public communication. Practice in the development of skills in each of these areas. Gen. Ed. E-IC [OC]


May not count toward a music major or minor. Provides the general college student with a cultural background in music. Masterpieces of music, composers, and techniques presented through listening materials and concert attendance.   Gen. Ed. 3A




POL 101 - Introduction to American Government


SOC 131 - Introductory Sociology

Principles, functions and basic political institutions of the American system of government at the national level.  Gen. Ed. 5A, 5B


Basic principles and concepts of sociology, including culture, socialization, social structure, groups, social processes, and social change. Gen. Ed. E-5B [SB].


If any students suspect that their grade is incorrect, they should contact their instructor immediately.

If any juniors who received a D or an F want to continue in the program, they will need to petition the Registrar’s Office to repeat that course.  I have included the instructions for that process below.


Mr. Nathan Congleton, EKU's Associate Registrar, has requested that any Dual Credit student wishing to retake a course email him directly at Nathan.congleton@eku.edu . Please address the following in the email.


1.  Why do you feel that you were unsuccessful in the course the first time you took it?

2.  What has changed that makes you believe that retaking the course at this time will permit you to be successful?

3.  What actions are you going to take to assure that you are successful in the course this time around?

4.  Include your name and ID number.


As there is a limited number of times that any student can retake a course, this process was put into place to make certain that the matter is thoroughly considered.    

Any repeated courses will be charged at $53 per credit hour in Fall 2018.  Dual Credit scholarships do not apply.