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The Governor's School for Entrepreneurs (GSE) is an entrepreneurship program designed to give Kentucky high school students a hands-on opportunity to invent a product and create a business around it. Students will come ready to roll up their sleeves, work as a team, and create something that provides a real world solution. GSE's unique program brings teachers, schools, universities, graduate students, start-up technology companies, experienced entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers all together into a dynamic summer learning experience.

So what is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is someone who sees a problem as an opportunity. Entrepreneurs allocate resources and create value through solutions to problems. GSE stands out from other youth entrepreneurship programs because it places a strong emphasis on product design and innovation.

An entrepreneur stands out from the rest of the crowd. GSE selects students for the program by identifying those who show a passion for creating a product or idea and those who possess a learning style that will thrive in a creative and innovative environment.

If Kentucky is to remain competitive in emerging economies driven by innovation, then talent must be developed early on and in a broad way. GSE aims to uncover young talent that traditional academic pathways may not draw out and will stimulate and shape the next generation of leaders.