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World Languages




SPANISH I                                                                               1 CREDIT   

Pre-requisite:  None


This course introduces students to the basic language patterns and grammatical constructions of the Spanish language.  Students will advance from having little or no knowledge of the language to the fundamentals of basic communication.  Listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are equally developed.  Basic vocabulary and grammar structures are learned and applied to real-life situations.  An overview of Hispanic countries and communities is presented.  Assessment includes tests, quizzes, short writing assignments, skits, videos, small projects, and class participation. 



SPANISH II                                                                                       1 CREDIT   

Pre-requisite:  Spanish 1


This is the normal sequence for students who have successfully completed Spanish I with a 70% or higher.  This course integrates and recycles Spanish I material while introducing new and more advanced vocabulary and grammatical structures.  All communicative skills continue to be expanded with increased emphasis on more spontaneous speaking and structured writing exercises.  Cultural awareness of the Spanish speaking world, including history as well as current events, is promoted by oral and written reports, skits, role-playing, and special video and/or research projects.  Assessment may include quizzes, tests, class participation, oral and written reports, and student-generated videos. 



ADVANCED PLACEMENT SPANISH LANGUAGE                         1 CREDIT (Weighted)

Pre-requisites:  A grade of an “A “ or “B” is recommended in both Spanish 1 & 2 before enrolling in AP Spanish.


AP Spanish Language is intended for students who wish to develop their proficiency in all four-language skills:  listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Students who enroll should already have a basic knowledge of the language and culture of Spanish-speaking peoples and should have attained a reasonable proficiency in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.