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Military Science



The Army Junior ROTC program is a cooperative effort on the part of the Army and Wayne County High School to provide secondary school students the opportunities for all-around development.  The program provides excellent training opportunities in citizenship, administration, management, supervision, leadership responsibilities, and the opportunity for the exercise of authority and respect for school rules and law and order.  Satisfactory completion of the program can lead to advanced placement credit in Senior ROTC in college or advanced rank in the active Army, Army Reserve, or the National Guard.  Physical training is a major part of the JROTC Program and is integrated into the objectives of each semester’s course work. 



ARMY JUNIOR ROTC I                                                            1 CREDIT   

Pre-requisite:  None


The following topics are a major part of this course; insight into ethical values and principles that underlie good citizenship including integrity, responsibility, and respect for constituted authority; development of leadership potential with attendant abilities to live and work cooperatively with others; knowledge of educational and vocational opportunities to function effectively as a member of the military team; familiarity with the history, purpose, and structure of the military services with emphasis on accomplishments of the United States Army; appreciation of the importance of physical fitness; maintaining good health; and ability to think logically and to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.




Pre-requisite:  Taken simultaneously with Army JROTC I.

(This course fulfills the Health & PE requirement for graduation.)


This course emphasizes instruction in the health essential skills area which is:

          Community/consumer health

          Safety and accident prevention

          Substance use and abuse

          Growth and environment health

          Nutrition education

The physical education portion will provide an extension of instruction received in elementary and middle school education in activities selected according to the individual needs and interest of the pupils.  A variety of activities are introduced which stress the development of basic skills, rhythmic activities, individual, dual and team sports and games, self-testing, and physical fitness activities.



ARMY JROTC II                                                                       1 CREDIT                          



The topics named in JROTC 1 are continued at a higher level.  Leadership development continues on an intermediate level; intermediate map reading; methods of instruction; weapons; leadership development and drill; battalion organization; the United States Army; people, places, and times; leadership theory; and selected optional subjects.



ADVANCED JROTC II PHYSICAL FITNESS                                       1 CREDIT                        

Pre-requisite:  Taken simultaneously with ARMY JROTC II.

This course will expand knowledge and conditioning begun in Physical Education.  Physical fitness and the development of skills in a variety of activities will be the emphasis of this class.



ARMY JROTC III                                                                     1 CREDIT                     



This course continues for the third level of Army Junior ROTC III.  Leadership development continues on an applied level; applied leadership; psychology of leadership; seminar in leadership and management; leadership and small unit leader problems; leadership and drill; methods of instruction; map reading; service opportunities; the development of the Army; and selected optional subjects.



ARMY JROTC III MILITARY HISTORY                                    1 CREDIT                      

Pre-requisite:  Taken simultaneously with Army JROTC III.


This course will reflect the organization and roles of the U. S. Military in conflicts and wars from the establishment of the United States as a country until present.  Preparation, tactics, economics, political roles, military strategies, societal changes, etc. which are involved in the military history of the United States will be explored.



ARMY JROTC IV                                                                      1 CREDIT   



This course continues for the fourth level Army Junior ROTC IV.  Leadership development continues on an advanced level; leadership development and drill; advanced methods of instruction (practical application, staff functions and procedures) and selected optional subjects.



ARMY JROTC IV PRINCIPLES OF LEADERSHIP                      1 CREDIT                     

Pre-requisite:  Taken simultaneously with Army JROTC IV.


This course promotes good citizenship and development and leadership skills among students who demonstrate an affinity for this field.  The Kentucky Department of Education has accepted JROTC as legitimate pathway and considers the graduates of the program Career Ready.




Military Science

KY TECH Career Pathways


Career Pathway

Required Courses

Elective Courses

Certificate of Training


(Must complete 3 credits of JROTC)



JROTC Health & PE



JROTC Advanced Physical Fitness



JROTC Military History



JROTC Leadership



Students must take a minimum of 3 credits in a career pathway in order to earn a certificate and 4 credits to be a program completer. 


In order to be “Career Ready,” a student must earn a certificate and have one of the following: Gold or Silver Work Keys status, a 50 on the ASVAB, or be “College Ready” (ACT: English 18, Math 19, and Reading 20 or COMPASS: English 74, Math 36, and Reading 85).