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Family & Consumer Science




CHILD AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT                                                               1 CREDIT    

Pre-requisite:          None


This course addresses the skills needed in preparation for successful caregiving careers and life responsibilities.  The course involves the study of developmental characteristics within infancy, toddlerhood, preschool years, and school years. A brief overview of adolescence, adulthood, and late adulthood will be given.  Hands on activities are utilized in order for each student to better understand development from a child’s perspective.  Observations will be used to reinforce student understanding if scheduling allows for that at centers.  This course is suggested for students interested in pursuing additional training in education, particularly early childhood or elementary.  Special emphasis will be placed on the preschool aged child.  This course would also be helpful for those interested in any service oriented career where job responsibilities would include working closely with others.   



ADVANCED CHILD/HUMAN DEVELOPMENT                                                                1 CREDIT 

Prerequisite:  Students are strongly encouraged to take Child/Human Development before enrolling in this course section.


Students may sign up for this course without the Child/Human Development course credit, if serious about course.  This course addresses the practical problems related to understanding the types and stages of human growth and development, recognizing effects of heredity and environment on the life stages, meeting the needs of exceptional children, promoting optimum growth and development in the middle childhood, adolescent, and adulthood stages.  Careers in child/human development and adult care services are explored.  Hands on activities and observations will be utilized to better understand the areas of development. This course is an excellent choice for those interested in careers related to working with school-age children, preteens, teenagers, and the adult population.  Examples of such careers include social workers, middle and high school teachers, psychologists and nursing home/adult day care workers.



CHILD DEVELOPMENT SERVICES 1                                                               1 CREDIT

Pre-requisite:  Students are strongly encouraged to take Child/Human Development before enrolling in this course section. 


This course provides training for entry-level positions in day care centers, nurseries, kindergartens, and private homes as well as private and public school age settings.  Students study careers in child development, guidance & discipline, children’s health and well-being in group care, value of play, teaching strategies and management, and curriculum development.  The study will be reinforced with observations and hands-on activities.  Preparatory students will be given an opportunity to earn the Commonwealth Childcare Credential Certificate of Eligibility as well as the Kentucky Early Childhood Professional Training Certificate.  Observations at local centers and schools will be used to reinforce student learning. 



CHILD DEVELOPMENT SERVICES II                                                               1 CREDIT

Pre-requisite: Students are required to be enrolled in Child Development Services I or have previously taken Child Development Services I before enrolling in this course.


Child Development Services II is a continuation of Child Development Services I and is designed for students who wish to train for supervisory level positions or those wishing to further their education at the post-secondary level in the area of childcare and/or early childhood development and teaching careers.   Students gain in-depth work experiences in child care establishments, preschool centers and other early childhood settings. There are 2 options for this course. Students can choose the independent study (option 1) or they can choose the on-site learning experience (option 2) at a local early childhood facility/school. Students must meet the same co-op and practicum requirements if they choose option 2. There are limited spaces for this course. Students must be approved for CD Services II by Mrs. Foster before registering for this course.



LIFE SKILLS                                                                                                            1 CREDIT

Pre-requisite:  None


This course includes learning basic skills and knowledge in the area of citizenship, leadership, goal setting, careers, relationship skills, money skills, parenting skills, child and human development, strengthening the family unit, foods and nutrition, fashion and interior design, and sewing.  This class may be the foundation for choosing which advanced Family and Consumer Science classes are right for you.  This class offers a 1 week foods laboratory experience and 1 week sewing laboratory experience. Students will be expected to provide their own materials for sewing lab. This course is recommended for those interested in a social service related career.



PARENTING                                                                                                                        1 CREDIT     

Pre-requisite:  None; Students in grades 9-10 are allowed to take class if they are serious about the course. 


This course addresses skills needed in preparation for parenthood and/or responsible care giving.  It involves the study of human reproduction, prenatal development, labor and delivery, postpartum care, care of the baby and infant, managing responsibilities, encouraging growth and development, and prevention of family violence.  Hands on activities will be utilized to better understand concepts.  This course will better prepare students interested in a human services career.



RELATIONSHIPS                                                                                                   1 CREDIT     

Pre-requisite:  None


This course focuses on the skills relating to relationships among individuals and/or family units.  Family lifestyles are studied, including single adulthood, dating patterns, marriage laws and customs, marriage expectations, marriage adjustments and conflicts, the prevention of family violence and planning for children or extended family units, including the elderly.  Major family crises such as separation, divorce, illness, and death are explored.  Students will plan a wedding for a mock client, which will include meeting the client’s needs and desires, as well as staying within a certain budget. A sewing project may be incorporated into course, if time allows. Students will be expected to provide materials for that project.



CHILD DEVELOPMENT PRACTICUM                                                              1 CREDIT     

Pre-requisite:  Instructor’s Approval, FCCLA membership. 


You must be enrolled in Child and Human Development as well as Child Development Services I or have taken both before consideration for the Child Development Practicum. Please refer to requirements under co-op/practicum.



CHILD DEVELOPMENT CO-OP 1- 4                                                                  1 CREDIT

Pre-requisite:  Instructor’s Approval, FCCLA membership.


You must be enrolled in Child and Human Development as well as Child Development Services I or have taken both before consideration for the Child Development CO-OP. Please refer to requirements under co-op/practicum.



FOODS & NUTRITION (FOODS)                                                                         1 CREDIT     

Pre-requisite:  None


This course focuses on nutrition and learning how to eat for a healthy life.  Students learn skills in selecting, planning, and preparing a variety of food products.  Students will learn many preparation techniques.  Etiquette will be practiced in a real-life setting where students will be served a 4-5 course meal.





Family & Consumer Science (Human Services)

Career Pathways


Career Pathway

Required Courses

Elective Courses

Early Childhood Education


Tests for Certifications:

KOSSA – Early Childhood Education


Industry Certificate – Kentucky Early Childhood Professional Orientation Certificate


Child & Human Development

Child Development Services 1

Child Development Services 2


Advance Child/Human Development

Life Skills


Consumer & Family Management


Tests for Certifications:

KOSSA – Consumer & Family Management


Life Skills


Foods & Nutrition

Advance Child/Human Development


Computer Applications

Health Science course



Students are required to take all KOSSA & industry certification exams in which the student has met the minimum course requirements for that career pathway.


Students must take a minimum of 3 credits in a career pathway in order to take KOSSA and 4 credits to be a program completer. 


In order to be “Career Ready,” a student must pass a KOSSA and have one of the following: Gold or Silver Work Keys status, a 50 on the ASVAB, or be “College Ready” (ACT: English 18, Math 19, and Reading 20 or COMPASS: English 74, Math 36, and Reading 85).