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SERVICE TO OTHERS                                                              1 CREDIT

Pre-requisite:  Grades 11 & 12;  3.0 Grade Point Average or higher


Students may only take this course one time over their high school career.  This course is designed to prepare pupils for the world of work by providing an opportunity for skill development in four major areas:

  1. Basic academic and social skills (students will assist in peer tutoring)
  2. Employability and functional life skills
  3. Career choice skills
  4. Career knowledge limited to actual work experience, job simulation, shadowing, field trips, and guest speakers


Students are required to stay in room with assigned teacher(s).  Students will not be in library, offices, computer labs unless supervised by their assigned teacher.  Students will be assigned to a class if not staying with their assigned teacher and/or following directives.


Students will be assigned to a teacher based on scheduling and administrative placement.