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Wayne County High School offers dual credit and college courses via Somerset Community College during the school day.  These courses are taught by WCHS staff that are also qualified instructors for SCC. 

In order to enroll in the college classes, students must have a qualifying ACT or COMPASS test score to enroll.  No students will be allowed to enroll in a class without the qualifying test score.  See below for qualifying test scores:

Art History 105  - Tim Withers - (Reading ACT score = 20 or COMPASS Reading = 85)

* English 101 & 102 - SCC Instructor - (English ACT score = 18 or COMPASS Writing Skills = 74)

* Math 150 - Jamie Foster - (Math ACT score = 19 or COMPASS Math = 36)

Biology 112 & 113 - C. J. Kennett - (Reading ACT score = 20 or COMPASS Reading = 85)

* History 108 & 109 - Colleen Steele - (Reading ACT score = 20 or COMPASS Reading = 85)

* - Indicates a dual credit class.  This means the student will earn a high school credit along with a college credit.  For example, Honors U. S. History and History 109 are the same class.  The student can just take the high school class without paying tuition.  The student will then only earn a high school credit.  If the student pays the SCC tuition, the student will earn both a high school credit and a college credit.

Students enrolling in the college classes must pay SCC tuition and buy the college required textbooks.  The tuition is due around the first week that the class is offered.   

Financial aid in not available to high school students.  Due to students not being able to get financial aid, SCC gives students a price break on the tuition.  Generally, the price break has been around 1/2 the normal price of the college class.

There is a scholarship that students who qualify for free/reduced lunch may apply for during the spring to help with tuition. The scholarship is entitled the Mary Jo Young Scholarship.  For more information, visit