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    Wayne County will resume in-person classes on Monday, September 28 on an alternating schedule.  In-person students will be assigned to attend school on either Red (Monday & Wednesday) or White (Tuesday and Thursday) days.  All other days will be virtual days.  Expect communication from your child’s teacher regarding their assignment by the end of the day on Tuesday, September 22nd. Arrangements will be made for all members of the same household to attend on the same days.  Students who chose the full-time virtual option will continue with virtual instruction. 

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Student Guide (From Harvard)

Download the guide here


From: Cole, Harvard '18 [mailto:colescanlon@college.harvard.edu]
Sent: Saturday, October 1, 2016 9:20 AM
Subject: Fair Opportunity Project


I'm a student helping with Fair Opportunity Project’s College Application Guide, a free resource being sent to every public school in the US. We organized a team of 20+ college students, 10 advisors, and 200 high school counselors from across the nation to write a free college admissions and financial aid guide that has been reviewed and praised by many of the nation’s leading college admissions committees. We are sending the guide out to every public school in the country, in the hopes that you can forward it to your community’s high school students.


To be clear, this is an independent project and no one is making money from it. Our team doesn’t like the disparity in resources between students who can afford private college consultants and those who can’t. We believe that all students should have free access to the best college application and financial aid information, regardless of background. We want to make the information and resources that elite private college counselors sell to all students available for free. And we’d like your help with that.


Please share the guide, which we’ve attached as a PDF, with any and all students in your community who would benefit from it. Alternatively, they can download the guide directly from our website, fairopportunityproject.com. Any and all feedback, from students, counsellors, teachers, administration, or whomever, would be much appreciated, and can be (provided on the website) directed HERE.


Students’ ability to pay for outside resources shouldn’t influence the quality of college application information they receive. We’re very excited to offer you a guide of the highest quality, that can continually be expanded and improved year by year. You are an essential part of this project. Together, we hope, we can level the college application playing field, and get every student the best college admittance information.


Many thanks,



Fair Opportunity Project

advised by:

Richard Barth (CEO, KIPP Foundation)

Michael Brown (CEO/Co-Founder, City Year)

Katherine K. Merseth (Founder, Harvard Teacher Fellows)

Ruth Rathblott (CEO, Harlem Education Activities Fund)

The New York City Department of Education

Marquitta Speller (Executive Director for Secondary and Collegiate Programs, The Harlem Children’s Zone)

Stephanie Khurana (Managing Director, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation)

Elissa Salas (CEO, College Track)

Thomas Willis (CEO, Cornerstone Charter Schools)

W J O’Reilly (Board Chairman, The Hanal School)