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SCC Dual-Credit


  • $52 per credit hour for dual credit students.  Most classes are worth 3 credit hours; therefore, most classes will cost $156.  Classes with a lab will cost more because labs are usually another credit hour or two. 
  • SCC allows all juniors to take 1 class for FREE!!
  • Our state scholarship allows all seniors to take 2 classes for free.  See Ms. Donna Bridgman in the guidance office for additional information.



ACT English Score - 18

  • English 101/102


ACT Math Score - 19

  • Math 150 (College Algebra).  A math score of 19 gets students into the class, but they have to take the math lab with it.  A math score of 22 or higher lets students take the class WITHOUT taking the math lab. 

ACT Reading Score - 20

  • History 108/109
  • Art History 105
  • Biology 112/113


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