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WCHS student turns hobby into a business


By:  Mercedes Baker

Alicia Baker, a junior at Wayne County School, has a unique talent.

She makes one of a kind creations using a loom.

Alicia uses her loom to create items like many young people today; however, Alicia doesn’t limit herself to bracelets like most of our students. She takes a hobby a little further.

This past Christmas, Alicia received a loom set as a present. Several of her friends had been “looming”, so she looked forward to learning the craft.  But after learning the basics, Alicia decided to expand her craft into something a little bigger.  With the help of online videos, she developed her skills and learned to make many different things.

Alicia now makes a variety of items using her loom including panda bears, flowers, and pencil grippers, which she makes using small rubber bands.  She even has a Face Book page dedicated to her items, which she sells.

Alicia enjoys making unique creations and aspires to continue to refine her craft while making a little extra cash.