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School Lunches Have Students All a "Twitter"

By:  Presley Flynn

Lately many students nationwide have been very unsatisfied with their school lunches.

They haven’t been shy about it either.

 Twitter is being overloaded with teens posting pictures of their school lunches and tagging Michelle Obama in them, “thanking her” for their food. This frenzy of complaints on social media is in response to the new healthy school food initiative Mrs. Obama launched last year.

Because of these new restrictions, some students don’t eat their school’s lunch anymore and have opted instead to bring their lunches from home.

In addition to the healthier options, students have also been complaining about the portion sizes of their meals.

 Many WCHS students have similar opinions about the new healthier food choices.

Sophomore, Dillan Morrow says he understands the need for students to eat healthier but doesn’t think the program is really helping.

“Even though they’re trying to make the lunch healthier for students, the quality of the food isn’t very good,” Morrow said. “Many kids that I know bring their lunch to school so they can have bigger servings, and eat what they want to eat.”

Kaitlin Turner, WCHS senior, is one of the students who has recently chose to begin bringing her lunch to school.

“I just got tired of being hungry during the school day. I bring my lunch; that way I can eat,” Turner said.