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Beta Club Honors Teachers

Scott Hammond, Treba McFall, Jared Criswell

Caleb Dishman, Te'koa Price, Rachel Bertram


By:  Brandy King

“Teachers are probably the most overworked and underpaid people I know of,” WCHS Beta Club president, Morgan Sexton said.

Because of this, during the week of April 7 – 11, the Beta Club organized a week to honor the hardworking teachers of Wayne County High School.

Sexton explained that the club understands the importance of recognizing and honoring teachers.

“Their job requires a lot more than grading papers and giving assignments, and I think that's something students often forget. This event was just to say thanks to the wonderful staff at the high school and to help all the students remember exactly how much their teachers, principals, and staff members actually do for them every day,” Sexton added.

Throughout the week there was a ballot box set up in the library for voting for the “class favorites”. There were different categories that students could vote for. At the end of the week, the votes were counted, and the winning teacher in each category received a prize. The highlight of the week was “Dress Like Your Favorite Teacher Day” on Friday.  The Beta Club also bought pizza for all the teachers at the school and served them during lunch on Friday.

The Beta Club is sponsored by Jared Criwsell.


Teacher Favorite Winners:

Funniest- Mr. Jimmy Cooper

Best Dressed-Mr. Jared Criswell

Most School Spirit- Mr. Jason Kennett

Most Informative- Mrs. Colleen Hart

Most Interesting-Mr. Tim Withers

Friendliest-Mrs. Carol Ford

Most Organized-Mrs. Treba McFall

Most Helpful-Mrs. Brenda Hoover

Most Talkative- C.J. Kennett

Most Serious- Ms. Angela Sloan

Most Tech Savvy- Mr. Scott Hammond