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Should parents be required to pay for college?


By: Sarah Coop


A story in the news recently had a lot of people asking this question.

Rachel Canning, an 18-year-old New Jersey girl, sued her parents for putting her out of their home when she turned 18, and argued that they were obligated to pay for her private high school tuition and college education.

Canning’s parents say their daughter left on her own and that she wasn’t following their rules.

At WCHS, I recently interviewed a few seniors and asked their opinion on whether parents are obligated to pay for college.

Brittany Kennedy believes they are not.

“No.  Once children are out of school and turn 18, they are legally considered adults.  Paying for their own education should be their first responsibility as adults,” Kennedy said.

Other students are on the fence about the issue.

“I think if parents have the money and are able to help out, they should be required to,” Quinton East said.

Kimberly Carter agrees.

“Parents should at least be partially responsible for paying for college for their kids,” Carter said, “but only to a certain extent.  They should provide a boost, not a full ride.”

 Canning lost the first round of her lawsuit when the judge denied her payment for her private school tuition and current living expenses.

The judge will consider the issue of her college expenses later this month.