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English 9  

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This course will include the study of short stories, poetry, drama, nonfiction, and the novel.  Basic composition skills will emphasize sentence and paragraph structure along with the writing of various types of essays.  Spelling, vocabulary, and grammar will be highly emphasized.  This course will also focus on the relationship between developing an appreciation and interest in reading literature, formulating and expressing opinions in literary analysis writing, and understanding how themes in literature illustrate our past and help direct our future.  We will focus on further developing your ability to formulate opinions more clearly and logically and expressing these thoughts in writing.  You will be challenged to increase your own personal skills.  You will be encouraged to express both verbally and in writing your opinions in an effort to become a more critical reader and sophisticated writer.  You will complete a variety of writing assignments, along with various other projects throughout the year.  These skills will help you do well in any course, as well as be successful in life.

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