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Word Families

Word Families short /u/:

-up -un -us -ut -ug -ud -ub -ust
up run Gus but bug bud rub must
cup fun bus cut hug mud tub just
pup sun fuss nut dug   club dust



Word Families short /o/:

-og -ox -ot -op -ob -ock
jog box hot po Bob sock
log ox got hop job rock
dog fox lots mop Rob lock
hog   not top ob block
fog   pot stop mob dock



Word Families short /i/:

-ig -ip -in -it
fig dip tin fit
pig tip in hit
wig sip win sit
big rip pin bit
dig zip fin pit
-id   -im  
did Kid him Jim
lid bid Tim rim


Word Families short /e/:

-ed -et -eg -en
red get beg den
bed jet leg hen
fed bet Peg men
led met   ten
wed pet   pen
-ess -ell
less yell
mess sell
-est well
best, rest, nest fell


Word Families:

We are currently reading short /a/ word families of -ag, an, am, at and ap. The following are a list of words that we are reading in our class.

-at -ag -an -am -ap
hat tag ran jam nap
bat rag pan Sam map
fat bag man Pam lap
mat sag tan ram tap
nat wag Dan ham cap
pat   van