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WELCOME TO 4TH GRADE AT WC-MES AND MY CLASS!  What a wonderful first week we have had!  I am very excited about having your child in my class.   I feel this year will be a great success if we work together parents as a team to make your child excel in all subject areas.  

Our classroom will have posted Classroom Expectations instead of rules.  These will be things that we expect the children to follow on a daily basis to create a classroom that is friendly for everyone, and a classroom where LOTS of learning takes place. If these expectations are not met, there will be consequences.  The consequences will begin later this week for I feel your child should feel comfortable in their classroom knowledge of practicing these expectations.  As well, we have gone over the Wayne County Code of Conduct and WC-Monticello Elementary Handbook throughly. Hopefully, you as a parent will again read and go over these books with your child to know the school expectations.

As a way to keep you the parent informed of what your child is experiencing switching classes twice in 4th grade, Mrs. Letitia and I work together to send home a Weekly Newsletter every Monday.  It will also be posted on this website under the Month it is in.  As a parent, you will be asked to sign the back each night, Monday-Thursday, as proof that you read with your child.  I am also enclosing a note home one "Why Should I Read With My Child" this week.  It is so very important to read with your kids.

Thank you for helping make our first week so great.  Parents/ Guardians,  I look forward to working with you as a team for the success of your special child!!!


Mrs. Lisa S. West
4th Grade ELA and Science/ Social Studies