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What's Going on Now In Class?

August 18-25, 2014

It's hard to believe we are in the second full week of school!  The first standard that we are studying is RL 5.1---learning to use text and our own background knowledge to draw conclusions about characters and events in a story or passage. We are doing lots do practice activities that will help students write about inferences they form while reading. We are still enjoying our read-aloud book, Firegirl.  Additionally, we have begun a system using Cardinal Bucks. These "dollars" are awarded to students for great academic performance, such as homework turned in on time, great test scores, and AR points. We also award students for perfect weekly attendance.  These dollars can be used to "buy" rewards at the end of each month.  More details about this will come soon. 

We will be reviewing bus safety Friday in conjunction with our school-wide bus evacuation practice held also on Friday. 

Please remind your child that following rules at school will make for a successful year!  Sign up for the Class Dojo to check on how your child is doing while at school.