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21G2 provide powerful resources for kids across the district

21G2 provide powerful resources for kids across the district

            The collaborating team of teachers based at the Wayne County Middle School newly named 21G2 can open all kinds of doors for students who are willing to take advantage of some terrific academic opportunities.

            21G2 stands for three wonderful programs the district is offering this school year: 21st Century Learning Program, Gifted and Talented Program, and GEAR Up. The teachers representing these programs visited seventh grade classrooms this week to pitch their programs. Information regarding all three appear on the Quick Link left hand column of the Wayne County School District website at:

            The popular 21st Century Program will kick off their after school classes for students in grades 3-8 on September 8th from 3:15-5:30 p.m. Coordinator Katherine Kidd shared some of the course topics for this year which include: yoga, art, cooking, fitness, guitar, and homework help, and MinecraftEdu.

            “Thank you for putting in a coding class in the schedule. That’s all I do,” responded one of the seventh grade boys, who likes to create video game programming.

 Monticello Elementary students are transported to the middle school to join their peers after school. The daily program begins with the group dining together in the Hard Rock Café. Then they split up into the courses they have selected to attend, based on their particular interests.

            Students were told they could sign up to register for the interesting afterschool classes in the principal’s office. The $25 semester fee can be waived for students who would like to request a scholarship to attend.

            Gifted and Talented Coordinator Jennifer Chaplin explained to students that her program starts with students being recommended to the GT program. Evidence and documentation is presented to a committee who determine whether a student is eligible.

             The GT program offers a huge variety of opportunities to students who qualify in any of five categories: general intelligence, academic intelligence, creativity, leadership, and visual and performing arts. She encouraged students to go to the school district website for application forms and more information.

            “We are here for you,” Chaplin told the seventh graders. “We want to support you.”

            GT services will be launched on September 9th.

            GEAR Up Coordinator Tiffani Bertram added, “Our main focus is you guys.”

            In fact, she teased the students, “You’re stuck with me for the next six years. It is not like 21st Century or GT, you have to participate in it,” indicating that the seventh graders will continue to be included in the GEAR Up program all the way through their senior year of high school.

            The four main core practices of GEAR Up are: lifting educational aspirations, building academic skills, connecting college pathways, and engaging parents.

            “We will visit college campuses and look at possible careers to see if that is what you want to do,” explained Bertram. “If you need help pulling your grades up to meet your future goals, we can help with tutoring sessions.”

            GEAR UP tutoring sessions will start September 8th with a team of math and language arts tutors in the classrooms. 


(L-R) Gear Up Director Tiffani Bertram, Gifted and Talented Coordinator Jennifer Chaplin, and 21st Century Director Katherine Kidd

Jennifer Chaplin addresses a class about the many Gifted and Talented programs

Katherine Kidd has a conversation with prospective 21st Century learner Dalton Smith

Tiffani Bertram gives GEAR Up information to John Strunk

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