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Bell Elementary SBDM Regular Meeting
Starts 5/27/2020 @ 9:00 AM Ends 5/27/2020
Location School Conference Room
Contact Principal Derrick Harris
More Information (Directions)

Bell Elementary

School Based Council

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


1. Opening Business

a. Agenda Approval

b. Approval of April Minutes

c. Good News Report (Mindy Bell)

d. Public Comment (agenda items only)

2. Student Achievement

a. Student Achievement Report (Sara Harris)

3. School Improvement Planning

a. Monthly Review (Sara Harris)

4. Committee Reports

a. Curriculum/Instruction/Writing (Sara Harris)

b. Assessment/Data Analysis (Sara Harris)

c. CATCH/School Culture/Resources (Sara Harris)

d. Budget Efficiency/Planning/PD (Sara Harris)

5. Budget Report

a. Title 1 (Sandy Riddle)

b. SEEK (Sandy Riddle)

c. Finalize 2020-21 Budget (Sandy Riddle)

d. Finalize Staffing Allocation

6. Bylaws or Policy Review/Readings/Adoption

a. Assignment of Instructional and Non-Instructional Staff Time (1001)

b. Student Assignment (1013)

c. Budget (2002)

d. Literacy Team (2009)

e. Professional Development (2012)

7. Old Business

8. New Business

a. Council Training

b. Council Transition

c. Background Checks for Parent Members

d. Review of Emergency Management Plan

e. Library Media Report (Nell Boils)

9. Ongoing Learning

a. KDE Resources during COVID-19

b. Amplify CKLA

c. Amplify Science

d. Google Classroom

e. Math Fluency Book Study

10. Upcoming Deadlines

11. Adjournment