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Casting Cardinals competed at Conley Bottom on December 8th

Casting Cardinal competing

Kason Stockton

Kason Stockton

Hannah Kempton and Jenna Morrow

Hannah Kempton and Jenna Morrow

Elijah Adkins and Austin Criswell

Elijah Adkins and Austin Criswell

Danny with his catch

Danny Vaughn 

Casting Cardinal member with fish

Ethan Burnette

Casting Cardinals Members on board boat

Casting Cardinals Members (l-r:) Owen Morrow, Kendall Neal, Danny Vaughn, Dylan Southwood, and Ethan Burnette on board a fishing boat.

Casting Cards loading boat

Casting Cards at boat ramp included (l-r:) Austin Criswell, Kason Stockton, Matt Adkins and Eli Adkins

Fishing since old enough to hold rod in had story (Reprinted with permission from the Wayne Weekly)

Stockton has been fishing since he was old enough to hold a rod in his hand 

It's great to identify the roots of a good, positive influence in someone's life.  In reaching out to Kason Stockton recently with questions, I received answers.  This year, Kason is a senior member (one of five) on the Wayne County Casting Cards fishing team and when asked how long he had been fishing, Kason replied, "Fishing has been a part of my life since I was young.   My grandpa, Robbie Bell and I have been fishing together since I was old enough to hold a rod in my hand."  He went on to tell of Robbie being an enormous influence on him taking part in the sport of fishing.  Kason added, "We go fishing together every chance we get."  

Togetherness runs deep in Kason's family and he continued, "A major influence on me wanting to be a part of the Casting Cards was my cousins Austin and Dakota Bell.  They were a part of the team prior to me joining.  I come from a family who loves to fish, just like me and when I heard about the Casting Cards, I thought this is something I must be a part of."  

In mid October, Kason attended the first inaugural Bassmaster High School Combine.  He said, "This was a three day event where I met with college fishing team coaches such as Kentucky Christian University, Campbellsville University and many others from around the United States. In the meets,  it was an opportunity to show off my talents in different skills tests and display my knowledge of the sport to possibly be awarded scholarships." 

Kason has talked with Kentucky Christian University, Campbellsville University, University of Kentucky and Georgetown College. He recently visited Campbellsville and the University of Kentucky and continues to visit more.  When asked who he would choose at this very moment, Kason further stated, "If I had to pick now, my preference would be the University of Kentucky because of the many different programs they provide."

There are many scholarship opportunities for a Casting Cardinal and many colleges who have fishing teams and are willing to give scholarships through fishing.  Kason added, "I have seen many scholarships given away at tournament events from one thousand dollars for first place to even half tuition scholarships just for winning a certain tournament." 

Big tournaments every year that give scholarships are the Major League Fishing High School Nationals and the World Finals.  Kason attended one this past summer with ten different colleges offering many diverse types of scholarships that you did not have to win the tournament to receive.   He said,  "The university fishing team coach gave me some good advise.  Do not go to college to fish, but fish so that you will be able to go to college and get scholarships to pay for it."  

He also talked about bass fishing teaching teamwork and patience, "There is a lot of time involved from preparing rods, reels and baits (the night before the tournaments), then the tournaments usually last from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon. Bass fishing can also teach you public speaking skills, especially in a bigger tournament where you are asked to talk on a big stage while weighing in your fish." 

Kason finished by saying, "Bass fishing alone is a sport that takes commitment and determination to succeed. I encourage any student who wants to join the Casting Cards fishing team to come to a meeting and see what it's all about.   We will be having a team tournament at Conley Bottom this Saturday, December 4th and the entire Casting Cardinals team will take part."

Kason Stockton as a child with his grandpa, Robbie BellKason Stockton as a child with his grandpa, Robbie Bell

A couple of fish Kason caught while competing this year

A couple of fish Kason caught while competing this year

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