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Leslie Lester talks to Leslye Rice's class about their family business

Lester answered students' questions

Where is the beef....

      Over the holidays and during Farm to Fork promotions, the Wayne County School cafeterias serve students special menus incorporating lots of fresh and locally grown products.

      So, Leslie Rice’s fourth grade students were very receptive to learning more about one of their students’ new family business'. Fourth grader Bo Lester’s mom, Leslie Lester, gave an informative presentation to her daughter’s classmates on where the meat being served on the school menu was actually coming from that day.

         Lester’s enthusiasm for her family’s new business called Windy Hill Meats, LLC was evident. The family’s entrepreneurial skills showed the students that it is possible to open a small business and learn new skills.

         Lester said, “We have been farming as a first generation farm since 2014, but decided to take on this wild adventure of Windy Hill Meats in May of 2021.”

          She showed students photos of their cattle and gave an informative talk on where different cuts of meat come from on a cow.

         “We are grass fed with a grain finish beef, free range chickens and will have pork in our store in the spring. Our goal is to provide a quality, home grown meat to your family,” said Lester.

          Students had an entirely new view of the beef that they are served from their school cafeteria and an appreciation of the work that goes into the farm to table experience.   

Leslie Lester talks to students about her family business

Ms. Lester gave a talk on where beef comes from....

Leslie Lester

She was excited to talk to her daughter's class about their family business 

Leslie and cow

Lester and one of their cows on the farm

Lester explains where different cuts of meat come from on the cow

Lester pointed out where to get different cuts of meat and what they are used for in the slaughter process.

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