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Congratulations to WCMS student's 5K Run finish

Congratulations Maddison Turner for completing the Virtual 5K

Maddison Turner

Maddison Turner completing the Virtual 5K at the WCMS gym

Maddison Turner honored at November Board of Ed Meeting

Maddison Turner uses a Perkins Braille Writer which is used to print braille codes

Maddison Turner demonstrates how to use a Perkins Braille Writer which is used to print braille codes

Board listens to teacher's explanation of instruction in her classroom

Board members listened to Pam Brown, the visually impaired teacher's explanation of instruction in her classroom as she shared different learning devices.

Pam Brown holds up a block used to help learn braille

Pam Brown holds up a block used to teach braille

Board Chairman Larry Muse presented Maddison Turner with a certificate and backpack

Board Chairman Larry Muse presented Maddison Turner with a certificate and Wayne County backpack.

(L-R) Visually impaired teacher Pam Brown, 6th grader Maddison Turner, and WCMS Instructional assistant Cheyenne Upchurch

(l-r:) Teacher Pam Brown, Sixth Grader Maddison Turner, and WCMS Instructional Assistant Cheyenne Upchurch learn and work together at school

Board of Ed Recognizes sixth grader's accomplishment during November 18 monthly meeting

The Wayne County Board of Education celebrated Wayne County Middle School sixth grader Maddison Turner’s recent accomplishment when she participated in the White Cane Safety Day that the Kentucky School for the Blind Outreach hosted. She and her teacher, Pam Brown, participated in a 5K or 3.1 mile walk/run by completing 62 laps in the middle school gym in a time of 67:33.74.

     Maddison was one of 165 students across the state who participated in the virtual 5K run.

      Ms. Brown and Maddison have been working together since 2014, when Maddison started preschool. Maddison is her first student to master a cane. In fact, Maddison uses her cane daily and started learning to use it in Kindergarten. She has become quite adept at getting around the school campus using her cane and navigating the crowded hallways, much like her peers who do not use a cane.

      Maddison has perfected her cane skills through orientation mobility services provided to her twice a month. Wayne County Middle School Instructional Assistant Cheyenne Upchurch is another important person to Maddison at school.    

     Maddison attends the 21st Century Program after school, enjoys listening to music, likes to draw, and especially likes being outside and swimming in her pool in the summer.

     She and over a half dozen other students with visual impairments across the district are fortunate to have Ms. Brown in their corner. All of her students have different needs so she spends a lot of time making sure they have access to the curriculum, so they can enhance whatever skill they need to work on. Some students just need to learn how to access specific equipment. Some are simply challenged by colors. Other students are learning braille, a system of raised dots that be read by moving hands from left to right along each line. Braille is not a language, but a code that can be created in various languages—that may be written and read.

       Maddison and her teacher brought the board members their names written in Braille, while also demonstrating how the Perkins Braille Writer is used in their classroom. Maddison received a school backpack with a certificate honoring her accomplishment from the board members.

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