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Cain Roberts is one of many successful new teachers at Wayne County Schools

Teacher Cain Roberts works with a student during a classroom experiment

Cain Roberts is one of many successful new teachers at Wayne County Schools

     When you walk into Cain Roberts’ fourth grade Math and Science classroom, you might hear classical music in the background creating a calm atmosphere for the students that enter and get seated. The door of his classroom, along with the walls in the classroom, are welcoming with unique scientific jargon and illustrations. Students are well behaved and eagerly anticipating what the next great hands-on experiment is or what the significance of solving a math problem might explain.

      He is constantly revealing the “why” to every answer and how that can be relevant to their life or others. The new conscientious teacher has a gift when it comes to talking to kids and making their lessons interesting. He has all kinds of fairly new resources from Amplify investigation notebooks to matching software for student chrome books to kits for experiments provided by the school district to drive his point’s home. His fast paced engaging style manages to keep their attention.

      “It’s good to ask questions,” he tells them. “Questions are a good thing. It’s good to have a healthy mindset, but you’ve got to try and figure out the answers.” So, he introduces them to the Scientific Method so they can use data and analyze it so can get to the bottom of the inquiry.

       “Science experiments can be fun,” Roberts tells the class. Everybody can be a scientist. For instance, if you have a question at home…you might formulate an experiment and determine the answer. You are being a good scientist.”

        “Here is the punch line to your experiment. Was your hypothesis correct? He was referring to their experiment that day as they tested how skittles dissolve in either hot or cold water.

         He explained that a good scientist is not always right. But, he encouraged the youngsters to collect good data, analyze the data and then form a hypothesis. They learned about independent and dependent variables.

          “You’ve just got to follow through,” Roberts told them.

           As he transitioned to Math class, he asked his students “why do we need to know how to multiply? He gave several real world examples and rolled right into an age-appropriate children’s birthday party word problem for them to discover. It was as intriguing as the fun experiments the students had grown accustomed to in his Science classes.

           “Mr. Roberts does an awesome job and is a fantastic teacher,” noted Science Enrichment Teacher Letitia Brown, who offers an extra dose of Science to all of Monticello Elementary’ s third, fourth and fifth grade classes.

            Students benefit from weekly rotations in special classes like Ms. Brown’s Science classes. The weekly special classes also include subjects like: Library, Art, Physical Education and Music – in addition to their teachers’ daily lectures and lessons. The recent Science Fairs for fourth and fifth graders are a great testimony, showing how motivated and how effective the instruction has been this school year at Monticello Elementary.

Students enjoyed Geology lesson and lab work

Cain Roberts

Cain Roberts teaching students where lava rock is most prevelent, which was where a volcanoe was once active many years ago.


Students began to learn about sedimentary rocks as they examined the rocks provided for them in cups.



Students Cora Roe and Brantley Pyles observing the color and texture of the rocks 

Cain Robert and student

Roberts pointed out different pieces in the rocks for examination to Cora Roe..


Students using their chrome books to see how the sediment builds up through erosion and being redeposited as they follow along with his lecture. 

Cain Roberts teaching class

Roberts explains how sedimentary rocks are created.

sedimentary work

Students had the advantage of several resources so they could understand how fossils are made, helping them make discoveries about the past.

Students enjoyed Skittle dissolved in water experiment

Students enjoy their science experiment

Students Nathaniel Scott and Taryn Dolen involved in forming their hypothesis regarding whether skittles dissolve faster in hot or cold water.

Students enjoy learning about the class science experiment

All In.....Cain Roberts' students raising their hands excited to answer questions about the class science project

Cain Roberts' students doing a lab

Teacher Cain Roberts helping his students with their projects

Students going through an experiment

Students working hard on their science experiments

Students working hard collecting data in regard to their science experiments


Record Number of New Teachers for 2021-22 School Year 

The Wayne County School District conducts customized training on a variety of topics at the start of each school year to assist new teachers. Administrators and Curriculum Coaches provide guidance during this transition stage so newcomers know where to go to get help and how to be more successful, so their students benefit. 

Monticello Elementary Class of 2021-22 new teachers have been welcomed by their colleagues

Cain Roberts is one of several new teachers at Monticello Elementary who received specialized training at the start of the school year and have been welcomed by their colleagues.

Wayne County Class of 2021-22 new teachers

 Wayne County School District's 2021-22 Class of New Teachers 

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