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Monticello Elementary Summer Camp successful

Monticello students enjoyed Zoom meeting with Science Center

       Monticello's Summer Exploration Camp was held in conjunction with the 21st Century Summer Camp that has proven to help students maintain their knowledge base from school year to school year, rather than experiencing the 'summer slide'. Many students across the district participated in a unique summer school at their building to try and boost their grades forward, after having to deal without in-person learning for part of the past school year. The summer camp activities, as well as 21st Century Camp activities were in addition to catching up in their basic subject classes at Monticello Elementary for grades three, four and five.

       Exploration Camp offered four weeks of different themed activities which included: STEM, 4-H, Sports and Art. During STEM week, students began building an anemometer out of paper, cardboard and plastic cups. The idea was for students to realize these measured wind speed on machines like turbines and windmills. Other days, students used Legos to build robotic projects so they could practice programing on Tynker to learn basic coding skills.

        The 4-H week concentrated on life skills like: sewing, cooking, gardening, and woodworking. Sports and art camps were also fun and interesting during the final two weeks. Over 60 students participated in the summer academic geared camp.

Robotics Class is popular at Monticello Elementary Summer Camp

Boys at robotics camp

(l-r:) Matthew Rose, Jiles Tucker, Keyvi David Perez Lopez, and Nathaniel Scott in robotics class.

Lyric Gregory and Sadie Bell working at summer camp

Lyric Gregory and Sadie Bell working on project in STEM class at Monticello Elementary summer camp

Harley Troxell shared his project in STEM class

Harley Troxell shared his project in STEM class taught by Family Resource Director Leslie Randall 

Boys in STEM class working

Gary Roberts and Colton Roberts ready to test their robot

Elijah Maxwell

Elijah Maxwell enjoying robotics class

Students Adrian Davalos seated and Hunter Pyles share lesson

Students Adrian Davalos (back) seated and Hunter Pyles share lesson on building their robots

Girls enjoying robotics class

Lilith Haproff and Cota Berry were busy working on their robot.

Life Skills week with 4-H Extension Service facilitating

Summer Life Skills camp at Monticello Elementary

Monticello students holding up their bear projects they stitched together.

boys learned to stitch

Learning to sew buttons on

Bear sample project

Completed bear project

student works on her bear

Cutting out the pattern of the bear (above and below)

Students enjoying Life Skills Class

Life Skills Camp at Monticello

Learning to thread a needle and sew with the help of 4-H Extension Agent Toni Humble

Kentucky Science Center Zoom Meeting with Monticello Elementary Students

Science Center Virtual meeting



















Building a parachute with simple supplies

Building rockets

Beginning to build rocket parachute project

Lyric Gregory building rocket

Lyric Gregory working on parachute made from a coffee filter

Building project

Pipe cleaners were used to support the cloth part of the parachute.

Baker making parachute

Luchana having fun

Luchana Hernandes having fun building his parachute

Students working on zoom meeting

Xavier Brandt checked out the supplies for the project.

Students working on Science projects

Jacie Daniels had some unexpected glue

Having fun in Science Zoom class

Shalaina Brown having fun in Science Zoom class

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