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MILO Training offered through Sheriff's Department


     The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department would like to invite the public to the Wayne County High School Pickrell Auditorium for MILO laws enforcement training on June 7-11. This is a special opportunity to give those interested an outlook on law enforcement decision making.

     MILO- is a Multiple Interactive Learning/Training Objectives simulator. The MILO includes combined use-of-force and firearms training. The MILO simulator puts you in a real life scenario. These scenarios are decision-making scenarios to shoot or do not shoot. You will be briefed on your scenario prior to interacting with the MILO. Scenarios can range from traffic stops to domestic disputes and your everyday calls as a police officer.  After you run through a scenario, you will be debriefed on your actions.

      Wayne County Schools School Resource Officer, Deputy Tommy Spencer participated in a video that has been posted on the Sheriff’s Facebook page and the Wayne County School district website to explain how this unique opportunity, that is free to the public, will work.

       MILO training will be operating June 7th-11th from 8am-6pm, with the Friday session concluding at 3:00 p.m. The only day the MILO will not be available is Wednesday, June 9th.

       If you are interested, please contact Deputy Spencer @ 606-575-9425. If he is unable to answer leave your name and number, and he will get back to you as soon as possible. He will schedule you for a day and time that works best for you, if possible. The Sheriff’s Department will also ask you not to bring any live firearms or ammo with you. All materials will be provided for you and you are asked to wear a mask inside the school. This is a free training for you.

      “Our goal is to educate you on the role of being a law enforcement officer, decision-making and hopefully help you understand how to respond to law enforcement,” explained Deputy Spencer.

       “We hope to let everyone who wants to participate do so, but we will be limited on time. You can go to YouTube and search MILO simulator training to see how it works. Or check out the following link to view the video.

       “Hopefully, we will be able to accommodate everyone. Please be safe,” concluded Deputy Spencer.


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