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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Local officials sign a proclamation regarding child abuse prevention

Judge Executive Mike Anderson speaks to counselors before the signing

Judge Executive Mike Anderson speaks to counselors before the signing

prevention advocates talk to officials

Mayor Tracie Sexton and County Judge Executive Mike Anderson chatted with child abuse prevention advocates.

Proclamation signed to fight child abuse

Local officials sign proclamation to join educators and counselors to fight child abuse. They were joined by (first row behind government officials l-r:) Counselor Vicki Davis, Counselor Jill Frogge, Counselor Cindy Rose, (middle row l-r:) FRC Coordinator Leslie Randall, Department of Community Based Services Representative Taylor Watkins,  Department of Community Based Services Representative Beth Watkins, (back row l-r:) Youth Service Center Coordinator Samantha Sexton, Youth Service Center Coordinator Audra Branscum, Family Resource Center Coordinator Kendra Patton, Counselor Sasha Chaplin and Counselor Mindy Bell.  


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  This month and throughout the year, Wayne County Schools, and the Department of Community Based Services along with Mayor Tracie Sexton and County Judge Executive Mike Anderson, encourage all individuals and organizations to play a role in making Monticello and Wayne County a better place for children and families.  By ensuring that parents have the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to care for their children, we can help promote children's social and emotional well-being and prevent child maltreatment within families and communities.

Awareness of what Child Abuse is and our community coming together to help prevent it is key in helping to protect our greatest assets, our children.  In the state of Kentucky, everyone is considered a mandatory reporter which simply means, if anyone knows about, witnesses or suspects a child is being abused, he/she must report this to Child Protective Services immediately.  A report can be made anonymously when calling the report in.  The phone number to call to make a report is 1-877KYSAFE1 (1-877-597-2331).  To report online, go to  Emailing a report is also an option.  The email address to make a report is:  

April is a time to celebrate the important role that communities play in protecting children.  Everyone's participation is critical.  “Our children are precious and deserve their family and community to rally around them in support and protection of them. They are our present pride and joy and with our nurturing will become our leaders of tomorrow,” noted Wayne County Middle School Counselor Cindy Rose. 

Child Abuse Prevention Month


Whereas, children are vital to our state’s future success, prosperity and quality of life as well as being our most vulnerable assets; and

Whereas, all children deserve to have the safe, stable, nurturing homes and communities they need to foster their healthy growth and development; and

Whereas, child abuse and neglect is a community responsibility affecting both current and future quality of life of a community; and

Whereas, communities that provide parents with the social support, knowledge of parenting and child development and concrete resources they need to cope with stress and nurture their children ensure all children grow to their full potential; and

Whereas, effective child abuse prevention strategies succeed because of partnerships created among citizens, human service agencies, schools, faith communities, health care providers, civic organizations, law enforcement agencies, and the business community; and

Now, Therefore, we,

Mayor Tracie Sexton and County Judge Executive Mike Anderson do hereby proclaim April as Child Abuse Prevention Month in the city of Monticello, KY and the county of Wayne on this 2nd day of the month of April in the year 2021. We call upon all citizens, community agencies, faith groups, medical facilities, elected leaders and businesses to increase their participation in our efforts to support families, thereby preventing child abuse and strengthening the communities in which we live.


New child sexual abuse awareness campaign launches in Kentucky

April 5, 2021  

Chld Abuse Prevention bus

Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced a new campaign to target child sexual abuse in the commonwealth.

Advocates from Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky and Lextran were in Frankfort Monday morning for the announcement.

Cameron says he wants to make sure this message gets directly to Kentuckians. They’re going to be showing ads on buses and social media platforms, places that could get a lot of eyes on this message.

“The campaign we are talking about today will help stop child abuse before it starts by equipping parents, caregivers, and every adult with the information necessary to recognize and prevent Kentucky’s youth from being groomed for abuse,” Cameron said.

The attorney general says the goal is to direct people to the Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky website which contains tips, toolkits, and training to prevent child sexual abuse.

Officials hope that this message will really get to parents and caregivers who can learn to identify signs of when adults are grooming their child and prevent that.

Cameron and the members of Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky say educating Kentuckians is one of the best ways to stop child sexual abuse because it gives more people the skill set to step in and help.

“And what started perhaps as giving a child a ride home or giving a little gift or giving something on the surface that perhaps seems pretty innocent can all of a sudden move to overnight visits with the adults and then it goes into sexual abuse,” said Jill Seyfred, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky executive director.

The campaign is being funded through a grant from the Kentucky Child Victims’ Trust Fund. Those bus ads are going to be running in Lexington, Louisville and Northern Kentucky.


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