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Students participate in "Kindness Lives Here" campaign at Wayne County Middle School

You will never regret being kind sign

      As students came back to school in March, beginning with a four day in-person week that evolved into a five day in-person week, there was lots of excitement to welcome them back to school.

      The middle school launched a month-long project to rejoice in the return of in-person learning, even though some students remained virtual learners during the pandemic. Coincidentally, the first day back to school on the four day a week schedule was National Compliment Day. “What better day to start back to school,” exclaimed WCMS Principal Melissa Gossage.

      “We wanted to focus on something we could all rally behind…being KIND,” said Gossage.

       Their motto for this initiative has been “Kindness Lives Here.” The educators hoped that by intentionally providing methods of promoting kindness, students would feel more comfortable returning to school. Gossage encouraged her staff to “go the extra mile to endorse our motto and show our students that kindness is contagious. A simple pat on the back or compliment can absolutely change a student’s day and I feel certain that most of our students need it more than ever now.”

      After all, Mark Twain was quoted, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.”

      So, with all that in mind, the middle school students have been surrounded by compliments and kindness from the staff who genuinely were glad to see their students return. Signs and balloons decorated the building entrances. One of the most popular displays was the “I” In KIND, photo op. Students were able to physically stand in as the “I” in the word KIND. Teachers decorated their doors and hallways uniquely carried out the messaging.  

Kindness Campaign sign on kiosk at entrance of school

Kindness campaign is part of return to in-person learning at WCMS

7th grade red team bulletin board stressed kindness

7th Grade Red Team among groups in WCMS that illustrated Kindness campaign

Kindness is key decoration

Kindness is Key reminded students of the campaign

Kindness bulletin board on another wall

"Kindness is a Gift Everyone can Afford" was presented by the 21st Century family

Ms. Bell's class door decoration

Students in Ms. Bell's class contributed to the Kindness starts with Us door decoration

                                Students posed for the "I" in KIND booth

student I in kindness

Laura Turner

I in kindness

Shaylee Spradlin

Hunter Criswell

Hunter Criswell

student i

Logan Glass

student in the i

Logan West

girl in sign

Madelyn Upchurch

Brayden Church

Brayden Church

boy in the i

Shelby Gregory

boy in kindness i

Lucas Daniels

Jessie Hanna

Jessie Hanna                                                                                                 

                                                                                                    Photos Courtesy of Angela Stinson 

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