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Parent Skill Building Sessions continue

Braxton Shearer showed a grandparent how to navigate their students' virtual assignments

Braxton Shearer at white board

WCMS Teacher Braxton Shearer navigated through a software program teachers use to teach remotely. 

Teacher shows grandparent how to navigate

Grandparent Lela Davis gained valuable information during the second session

Grandparent shoots a photo of what is on the white board

Ms. Davis shot a photo from her phone to help guide her through the process once she returned home.

Grandmother Diana Corder and grandsons James and Hunter Woodruff got some guidance from Katherine Kidd at a session

Grandmother Diana Corder and grandsons James and Hunter Woodruff got some guidance from Katherine Kidd at the last session


      Wayne County Middle School continues to reach out to parents by providing a series of Parent Skill Building Sessions to help them navigate their child’s virtual learning at home.

      Most recently, a second session was held at the Wayne County Middle School where WCMS Teacher Braxton Shearer teamed up with 21st Century School Coordinator Katherine Kidd.

      Shearer shared information on EdPuzzle, which is “very beneficial in times like these.” Many Wayne County School teachers assign EdPuzzle assignments. In EdPuzzle, you can see in “Due Assignments” to see any EdPuzzles students have not completed.

      Teachers post videos that are helpful to students. Shearer said he gave students participation points for watching the videos that boost their grades. The videos really help teach the material before students rush into the assignment. Students cannot afford to skip the videos because each lesson builds upon the previous information.

     Like many of the teachers, Shearer tries to crunch out two to three videos of his own, plus he can incorporate EdPuzzle or YouTube videos. “Usually the videos are direct instruction from me,” Shearer explained to a grandparent.

      Lela Davis said, “This session has been really beneficial. I can understand more of what my granddaughter Haleigh is doing. She stays at my house three days a week and we do fairly well on her studies. But, Math is the hardest subject. I graduated in 1976, so it’s been awhile.”

    She also said that the teachers work really well with them through emails. After the session, she said, “I can encourage her now.”

     “That’s what our kiddos need to hear,” Shearer responded.

      Kidd said, “We’ve gotten better acquainted with several of our parents and grandparents and they know more of us now to contact for help,” as a result of the on-going sessions. “It is the same for the parents as it is for the kids. We’ve got to build those relationships. It can be intimidating to come back to school with all the changes that have occurred. We’ve got to navigate through it together.”

     “Parents we realize the frustrations you have with understanding how to keep up with your child’s academic progress,” said Kidd. “We know you would appreciate a little guidance. Our goal is to provide you with tools to help monitor your child’s academic progress during this unprecedented time. Being informed is a powerful thing, so please join us.”

      Another session will be planned for Monticello Elementary parents, grandparents and guardians who are interested in helping their children with Science Fair projects. Materials will be handed out to help families display their experiments after being given help on their Scientific Method question.

       The first successful Parent Skill Building Session focused on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

         “Thank you to the parents and grandparents that attended and I hope you received valuable information that will better serve you and your family,” said Wayne County Middle School Technology Resource Teacher Juliet Perkins, who shared helpful links and resources for those who attended. “Please feel free to contact me or Mrs. Kidd, or any of your child's teachers if you have any questions.”

          The Wayne County Middle School has created a very informative Middle School Parent Hub website designed specifically for parents. It covers each team in sixth, seventh and eighth grades, including teacher websites and their email addresses so they can easily be contacted.

          Below are links to the slideshow and the Parent Portal cheat sheet to help parents navigate the program. The slideshow has various tutorials and resources embedded within it as well. Perkins also included a couple of other links below for easy access to the Parent Portal and Parent Hub, specially designed for the Middle School. If parents have other suggestions for what should be included in the Parent Hub, feel free to share those ideas as well.

Parent Portal Cheat Sheet page 2

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet


                                               Helpful Links and Resources from the First Session: 


Parent Portal Cheat Sheet


Parent Portal Slideshow 


Infinite Campus Parent Portal link


WCMS Parent Hub website

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