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Free thermometers and disinfectant products




2) Text

Everyone at your school texts the word FLUENCY to the number 900900.

When they do this, they will receive a link that prompts them to download the free Kinsa app, join your School Group within the app, and order their free smart thermometer!


Note: They should receive both a message in the app and a confirmation email letting them know that their thermometer has been ordered. Tell your families, teachers, and staff to check their inboxes! 




A few common questions:

  1. The folks at my school texted FLUENCY to 900900. Are they done now? No! Those who text FLUENCY to 900900 need to follow the link that is sent back to them in order to finish signing up in the free Kinsa app. Make sure to remind your school community to check their inboxes for order confirmation emails! These confirmation emails signify that they have done everything correctly and that they are all set to go.
  2. Where can I see people signing up for their thermometers? You can see thermometer orders, health trends, and more in your all-powerful School Portal! Click here to explore! (Note: The Resources tab in your School Portal is going to become your new best friend for all things FLUency.) 
  3. What if a parent, teacher, or staff member can't order a thermometer through the app? If you are having issues with someone from your school not being able to order a thermometer and you can't figure out why, email and our team can help troubleshoot! 

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