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Wayne County hosts another super regionals which lead to state

Kaydynce Byrd

Wayne County welcomed hundreds and hundreds of athletes as they hosted a super regional at Cave Lake on October  23-24th, 2020. This super regional was not like the ones in years past. A lot of new rules and regulations were put into place to make sure that the runners and spectators could safely enjoy the sport. One new rule change had runners wear their masks to the starting line then pin their masks somewhere to their jerseys. During the race the runners did not have to wear a mask until they crossed the finish line. Once they crossed the finish line the runners had to unpin their masks and put them back on. High schools all across the Class 2A in the 5th and 6th Regions traveled to Cave Lake to give it their all at region.

3A were the first to compete on Friday and the starting gun was fired at 4:00 P.M as the 3A boys took off. One hour passed by and at 5:00 P.M the 3A girls started their race. These races were set a day before so there would be no timing issues and so that proper sanitizing could be done to the course for the races on the next day. In 3A boys, Madison Central's Brady Masters won with a time of 16:10. In 1A girls, Madison Central's Ciara O'Shea won with a time of 18:53.

On Saturday, 2A boys started their race at 10:00 A.M and then an hour later 2A girls did the same. In the 2A boys, Corbin's Sean Simmon won with a time of 16:47.71. In 2A girls, Lincoln County's Lucy Singleton won with a time of 20:15. After the girls 2A race, race officials spent two and a half hours cleaning the course and sanitizing everything to prepare for the 1A boys and 1A girls races. At 3:00 P.M the starting gun blew for the 1A boys race. Once the 1A boys race was done, the 1A girls started their race. In 1A boys, Jackson County's Senior Clay Ackemon won with a time of 18:16. In 1A girls, Middlesboro's Grace Rose won with a time of 21:19. 

Wayne County participated in the 2A competition and had one runner qualify for state. Kaydynce Byrd qualified for Class 2A State girls. She did a good job and finished with a time of 26:15.76, finishing 178th in the girls state meet. Good luck next year to Wayne County and Go Cards!

                                                      XC Cardinals run at Super Regional Tournament at Cave Lake Event Park

Kaydynce Byrd

Eighth Grader Kaydynce Byrd sprints to the finish line with a time of 24:11.96, fiishing 22nd.

Seth Flynn

Sophomore Seth Flynn in the middle of his race. He finished with a time of 26:44.48.

Nathan Smith

Sophomore Nathan Smith finishes his race with a time of 20:23.09 finishing 31st.

Emily Shearer

Seventh Grader Emily Shearer nearing the finish line with a final time of 25:50.60.

                                                                   Photos by Wade Upchurch

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