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Wayne County High School seniors make their mark through ACT scores and other measures

College Ready wall in foyer of High School

 College Ready showcases students with high ACT scores        

Top College Readiness Wayne County High School Students with high ACT scores are showcased in the foyer of the high school


               The class of 2020 proudly graduated with 231 seniors this past week. There were many things to be celebrated regarding each of these students. Most of the school year, they were surrounded by a wealth of learning opportunities inside the classroom, through clubs and school activities, and a variety of extra-curricular activities.  

                Academic achievement can be measured and highlighted in a variety of ways. Whether it is being named to the Wayne County High School Academic Hall of Fame, the school honor roll, receiving college credit while in high school, scoring high on an AP Exam, attending Craft Academy, being Industry Certified, meeting College or Career Ready standards, or gaining valuable experience at an internship – there are numerous pathways where students have found success this past school year.

                ACT scores are another measurement that ranks local students on a national basis. This year’s seniors had five graduating seniors that scored a remarkable 30 and above that included: Ben Vickery, Nicole Hesse, Quincy Anderson, Wesley Reynolds, and Halen Pharis. These seniors ranked in the top five percent of ACT test-takers nationally.

               In addition, five more students scored an impressive 29 which included: Leah Bell, Nathan Helton, Aubry Holt, Nathaniel Watson, and Nathan West. These students scored in the top ten percent of test-takers nationally.

                Plus, 27 local seniors scored in the 24-28 ACT range. They scored better than 75 percent of test-takers nationally.      

                Locally speaking, there were 31 outstanding seniors who graduated with distinction in the class of 2020. To graduate with distinction, students must have been BOTH College and Career Ready, while meeting a list of rigorous criteria. They must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, have completed the pre-college curriculum, have an average score of proficient or above on all state assessments, and must have taken eight rigorous courses, including at least one course from each of the four core areas.

                Seniors graduating with distinction were: Matthew Anderson, Austin Bell, Leah Bell, McKenzie Bell, Haleigh Criswell, Abigail Davis, Natalie Elam, Kameron Gehring, Hannah Gregory, Nathan Helton, Nicole Hesse, Aubry Holt, Jordanna Kennedy, Ethan Morrow, Halen Pharis, Katie Piercy, Rachel Rains, Wesley Reynolds, Chloye Rice, Matthew Roberts, Kiran Rodriguez, Atticus Sexton,  Nicholas Shearer, Ragan Shelton, Kara Taylor, Bryson Tucker, Gabriel Van Bruggen, Hyther Vaughn, Benjamin Vickery, Nathan West, and William Wright.   

                There were 16 talented seniors who graduated with honors. They met the same criteria as the distinction graduates; however, they were either College or Career Ready as defined by the state of Kentucky.

                   Seniors graduating with honors were as follows: David Bell, Moncerrat Bravo Alvarez, Connor Denny, Jordan Dobbs, Sarah Gregory, Hannah Griffin, Chandler Humble, Tylan Kennett, Jacob Morgan, Taylor Parnell, Avery Perkins, Haley Roberts, Adel Ruiz, Sydney Sloan, Grant Vallelonga, and Hannah Vaughn.

                All of these graduates worked hard during high school and are well prepared to face the future.

Wayne County Seal

The Wayne County School Seal was positioned on the stage for the ceremony.

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