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Wayne County School Meal Service Pick-Up runs smooth as silk

Food Service Director Kathryn Tucker communicated with her staff at the head of the line of motorists

The Wayne County School Nutrition Service Department has done an outstanding job feeding the youth of Wayne County during these trying times for the community.  Not only have they been there to make sure children are not going hungry during the pandemic, they are providing high quality meals on their menus. 

They have stepped up their homemade batch cooking efforts to make sure children receive at least one hot meal each day during the week. They started stocking up their cooking efforts over spring break in order to meet the demand.  They began freezing meals packed in individual containers that can be safely reheated at home. The meals have included everything from spaghetti to ham to chicken with all kinds of delicious sides and milk.

“What our food service department has done to feed kids has been phenomenal,” said Wayne County Superintendent Wayne Roberts. “Our children are getting real meals and we really appreciate their efforts.”

Wayne County has over 3,000 students and over 2,000 children are currently being fed through the federally funded summer food service program. “Last week, 12,952 meals were delivered along the ten school bus routes that have been established.  In addition, 323 children received meals during the first newly implemented curbside pick-up program designed to keep everyone safe. 

Motorists can pull up behind the middle school on Tuesdays anytime between 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and receive breakfasts and lunches for the five-day week cycle.  If they cannot come to campus on Tuesdays, the pick-up service will continue to operate from 11:00 to 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday through Friday each week.

“We are running like a well-oiled machine,” said Tucker. “We are especially appreciative of our transportation department that is not about to miss a child that needs a meal.”

The food service department will continue to provide meals to the end of the school year and then transition into the summer feeding program.

Katherine Kidd helped direct traffic

21st Century Coordinator Katherine Kidd took down information regarding the number of meals needed at the first stop along the curbside pick-up serviceDirectional sign for motoristsSigns were out to direct motorists at the curbside pick-up service

Cars awaiting meals to be picked upCars awaiting meals to be picked up

Nutrition Director Kathryn Tucker communicates with staff during line up of carsNutrition Services Director Kathryn Tucker communicates with staff as cars lined up

Menu Planner Casey Holt helping distribute meals to a vehicleMenu Planner Casey Holt checking to see number of meals needed as she distributed five days worth of breakfast and lunch into a bin for a motorist to pick up.

Dakota Pruitt and his mom picked up mealsStudent and his mom picked up meals curbside

Parent Bruce Wright picked up meals for his five children

Parent Bruce Wright picked up meals for his five children

A mom picking up meals for her childrenA mom picking up meals for her children

Food service employees guided the flow of traffic and the entrance and exit of the loopFood service staff members Christin Neal 

(above) was at the exit and Missy Gregory was at the entrance. 

to help guide parents through the loop.  

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