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Wayne County School Curbside Meal Pick Up service adjusted beginning Tuesday, April 21st

boy picking up bag at bus door

Wayne County School Curbside Meal Pick Up service adjusted beginning Tuesday, April 21st

Due to the increased participation from the local community with the meal pick up option, the school has to adjust how they are doing their pick-ups. The number of meals grew dramatically last week with 941 meals picked up at school on Monday, April 13 and 4,890 meals delivered that week.

All of the home deliveries transported by school buses are now on Mondays. Due to this, over half of the food service staff is out on delivery routes. Therefore, they will no longer be able to provide pick up meals on Monday.

Instead, pick up meals at school will begin on Tuesday and will extend through Friday. But, the food service department is encouraging everyone to pick-up on Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Families can pick up all five days’ worth of meals (five shelf stable breakfast and five frozen lunch options for each child).

Follow these directions for meal pick-up:

· Enter the circle drive behind the Walker Early Learning Center and stop at the sign.

· Staff will motion for you to move up to a lane.

· Use your hand to motion to staff the number of children you need meals for. (Example: if you need meals for two children then hold up two fingers.) The staff will verify.

· Staff members will radio into the building the number of children.

· Staff inside the building will bring out the requested meals and bring them to the car.

· They will set the meals outside the driver side of the car and walk away.

· The driver can then get out and pick up the meals.

· The driver loads them up in the car and then drives away

· The staff will then motion for the next car to move up.

(They are planning on two lanes on the circle drive. There will be signs directing the flow.)


On Wednesday – Friday:  Pick-up times are between 11:00-12:30 p.m. For those who were not able to pick up on Tuesday, or those who have signed up for delivery but will not receive a delivery until the next week. They will receive five days’ worth of meals.

· Please call ahead 606-340-3848 dial 4 at the prompt and let them know if you are coming in to pick up meals. They will need to know the number of children you are picking up for and the time you will be there.

· Enter the circle drive behind the Walker Elementary Learning Center and stop at the sign.

· Honk you horn.

· One of the staff will come out to verify the number of children and will radio back in to the middle school cafeteria.

· The staff will then bring out the box and set it out on the sidewalk.

· Once the school staff member walks away, you can get out of your car and pick up the meals to load them in the car.

The meals are being distributed at no cost and the program is being operated through the summer feeding program.   

Kids and parents were happy to see the school folks delivering meals to their homes during the extended school closure! Check out the faces of the children being served along Mike Cooksey's in-town bus route.

Five children with mom

family getting box filled with meals


Boy carrying box of food homeCasey Holt delivers a meal

Boys at the door of bus

Two siblings and their dog

four girls

three girls at front door


Two girls waving from front porch


boy carrying food homeBoy getting food bag

little girl receiving a lunch sack

Jill Allen offers some instructional resources to her studentKindergarten Teacher Jill Allen was having a hard time communicating over the phone with one of her students due to a language barrier, so she hopped on a bus to make a special instructional delivery to his home to make sure he understood his assignments.


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