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Middle School Science Fair results in trip to Louisville Science Museum Field Trip

Middle School Science Fair Winners

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders’ Science Fair winning team and runners-up exhibits were recently displayed in the atrium at the Wayne County Middle School. There was something for everyone to be intrigued by ranging from which laundry detergent works best getting stains out to encouraging people to think about what they drink in regard to sugar and other hidden ingredients they might not have realized are part of their daily diet.

“Every student in the building did one of these projects. These on display are our top 18 from the building,” explained Middle School Science Teacher Mariah Bell. “Our students are taught a mixture of Life Science, Earth Space and Physical Science in each of our grades.”

The assignment let the students explore their own interests. However, they knew they would be judged on whether the experiment was based on the Scientific method. Some of the other criteria included: creativity, grade level quality and data collection.

“They did really well on their projects,” noted Bell. “The classroom teachers helped narrow it down” to the 18 representatives. They had a Science Fair within the building last year, but did not have a formal presentation. The judges asked the representatives about their projects and it was up to the students to convince them how meaningful their hypothesis and results were that they had mounted on their three panel boards.

“We started having Science Fairs to try and help the students use problem solving skills to solve real-life situations. Science has value because we run across problems every day in real life and Science helps us learn to solve them,” explained Chief Academic Officer Brian Dishman. “For instance, farmers do that all the time.”

“We want our students to learn that skill,” said Dishman. “Whenever they see a problem we want them to use the Scientific Method to solve the issue.”   

All 18 of the students who did a good job mastering that skill, were invited to travel to the Louisville Science Museum Field Trip on March 2 to see some of the excellent museum quality exhibits from around the world and be inspired to continue their scientific journey and further develop their inquiry skills.

The top finishers of the Science Fair did an excellent job explaining their experiments and the results. Wayne County Middle School 7th grader Adeline Heatherly’s exhibit won the local competition. There was a tie for second place between 7th grader Brayden Lowe and 6th grader Jaxon Frye. 

Adeline’s winning exhibit was inspired by her desire to have a pet fish, not to mention she would like to become a scientist someday. She got a spotted goldfish at the pet shop in Somerset and named it Spot for Christmas. That combined with her interest in gardening led to her project.

“I’ve always been into growing stuff,” said Adeline. She was interested in learning about hydroponics so she naturally got an aquaponics tank for Spot. So that led her to think about whether aquaponics is better than soil for growing things. In her exhibit, she hypothesized that aquaponics was a better environment for growing things like wheatgrass. 

“I think this because in Aquaponics, the water has all the nutrients from the fish feces and the growing stones, unlike the soil.”

Adeline’s hypothesis was correct. Aquaponics proved to be better than soil for growing wheatgrass seeds because proof was shown that they germinated quicker and more seeds germinated. Her observations backed this up because the aquaponics germinated 46 out of 47 seeds (97. 90%) and the soil germinated 37 out of 47 seeds (78.72%). The aquaponics had sunlight, growing stones, and feces to fertilize the plants unlike the planted pot seed, which only had energy from the sun.

Second place finisher Brayden Lowe really had his wheels turning, so to speak. He created a crank generator to power a led light bulb. He explained that while he cranked the handles, electricity would be created and flow through the wires. He measured the volts with a digital vott o meter. While that was happening the led bulb would glow to see the energy. 

“My educated guess is that the generator will produce about .5 to 3 vots of energy to light up the led,” predicted Lowe.

He concluded, “My hypothesis was slightly off, but was mostly right.”

Second place tie breaker Jaxon Frye’s exhibit was titled “Think about your Drink.” He wandered which sugary soda would have the worst effect on our teeth?”

His beautiful display hypothesized that Mountain Dew would have the worst effect on your teeth, compared to all the other sodas.

But, his conclusion found that Orange Crush had the worst effect on the tooth because of the low pH level, the amount of sugar, and the stains from coloring

Adeline Heatherly

Adeline Heatherly finished 1st place

Brayden Lowe

Brayden Lowe tied for second place

Jaydon Frye

Jaxon Frye also received second place on his project

Haley Tucker

Haley Tucker with her Gummy Bear Osmosis project

Brayden Stinson

Brayden Stinson with his Do You Rely on the Penny project

Maverick Ford

Maverick Ford with his Sponges Least Likely to Mold project

Students with their projects

Middle School Students man their stations

Rileigh Strunk

Rileigh Strunk's Whose Nose Knows? project

Chloe Williams

Chloe Williams with her Catch Me I'm Falling project

Middle School Science Fair

Middle School Science Fair participates pictured are: (first row l-r:) Rileigh Strunk, Chloe Williams, Jia Patel, Joyce Dominguez, Taylor Hicks, and Jaxon Frye (second row l-r:) Amelia Ramsey, Callie Jones, Myla Massengale, Santana Dobbs, Brayleigh Butcher (third row l-r:) Haley Tucker, Adeline Heatherly, and Dorian Dixon (fourth row l-r:) Braden Lowe, Maverick Ford, Brayden Stinson, and Takoda Paute. (not pictured: Landon Beck)

Jia Patel

Jia Patel discusses her project with the Judges Brian Dishman and Shawn Stinson

Santana Dobbs

Santana Dobbs shares her project with the judges

Brayleigh Butcher

Brayleigh Butcher with her Germination Process project

Callie Jones

Callie Jones testing how kinetic energy affects toy cars

Mia Massengale

Myla Massengale wants to see which room in a house is the dirtiest

Amelia Ramsey

Amelia Ramsey with her "what soda decays the teeth the most?" project

Dorian Dixon

Dorian Dixon wanted to see if the sound of music affected plant growth

The Winners Attending the Louisville Science Museum Field Trip

lousiville scince fair

Matter and Energy Booth

louisville science museum

WCMS students Myla Massengale and Dorian Dixon strategizing at an exhibit

Local student practices being a weather tv reporter

(above and below) WCMS student Joyce Dominguez sits in front of a green screen and is on the screen doing a mock forecast. 

WCMS student on mock tv weather show

WCMS Teacher William Allison

WCMS Science Teacher William Allison does a mock winter weather forecast

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