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Wayne County JROTC Color Guard Team Impressive at North Bullitt High School Drill Meet

Wayne County JROTC Color Guard Team Impressive at North Bullitt High School Drill Meet

This was the team’s first competition for the 2019-2020 school year. “It made our team feel really good “said Cadet Carter, the Team Commander.

“For our team to place third was a great feeling of accomplishment,” said Cadet Hailey Foster. “Our team had only been together for just a little over two weeks and we had to really prepare ourselves to be at a competitive level.”

“We knew we would be up against teams with far more experience and some teams who had even had national Drill Team Competition experience.” “We really wanted to do well and knew if we didn’t make mistakes and our team was synchronized we could compete”, said Cadet Zanahua.

After watching several teams go through the Color Guard Sequence, the team practiced a quick rehearsal prior to reporting in for their performance. “To be honest our rehearsal was awful, “said Cadet Cpl. Carter, “but once we reported in and began our Color Guard routine we all seemed to settle down.”

“We are very proud that our team performed as well as they did considering their level of experience and the competition they were up against,” said 1SG (R) George Snyder. “Our Cadets always seem to rise to the occasion and we appreciate their commitment. It’s not easy to get up on a cold wet Saturday morning, travel for three hours then wait for two hours before your team performs then wait another four hours to find out where your team placed.”

“It was all worth the time and effort though,” the team members said. What made it even more special was receiving their third place trophy from Colonel David Welch and Command Sergeant Major John Woodson the 7TH Brigade Commander and Brigade Command Sergeant Major during an impressive awards ceremony concluding the event.

Team members wish to thank Cadet Captain Hallie Pyles and Cadet Private Second Class Maggie Dishman for performing chaperone duties and assisting them in preparation for their performance.

jrotc drill

The Color Guard prepares to enter the Drill Floor to begin their competition. Cadets (l-r) are C/PV2 Rachel Nevels, C/CPL Emily Carter, C/PV2 Hallie Foster, and Cadet 2LT Liliana Zanahua 

jrotc drill

Cadets PV2 Rachel Nevels, C/CPL Emily Carter, C/PV2 Hallie Foster, and Cadet 2LT Liliana Zanahua at present arms reporting in to the head judge to begin their competition sequence

jrotc drill

Cadets PV2 Rachael Nevels, C/CPL Emily Carter, C/PV2 Hailey Foster, and C/2LT stand at Parade Rest as part of their Color Guard sequence. One of the judges could be seen in the background recording their results

jrotc drill

The Color Guard team performing a marching sequence. (l-r)  Left weapon guard C/PV2 Rachel Nevels, C/CPL Emily Carter the US flag bearer and team commander, C/PV2 Hailey Foster the KY flag bearer, and C/2LT Liliana Zanhua the left weapon guard

jrotc drill

All of theWayne County Cadets who participated at the Drill Meet (l-r): 7th Brigade Commander Colonel David Welch, Cadet 2LT Liliana Zanahua, C/PV2 Rachel Nevels, C/CPL Emily Carter, C/PV2 Hallie Foster, C/PV2 Sierra Stapleton, and Brigade Command Sergeant Major John Woodson. Cadets in the back in civilian attire are Cadet Captain Hallie Pyles and  C/PV2 Maggie Dishman

jrotc drill

Cadet CPL Emily Carter with their teams 3rd place trophy accompanied by 7th Brigade Commander Colonel David Welch.

jrotc drill

The WCHS Drill Team (l-r): Cadets Rachael Nevels, Hailey Foster, Emily Carter, Lilliana Zanahua, and Sierra Stapleton pose with their third place trophy

Cadet Sierra Stapleton performs well at North Bullitt High School Eagle Drill Meet


As one of fourteen individuals, performing in the Exhibition Solo Drill Category at North Bullitt High Schools Eagle Drill Meet held on January 25, Cadet Private Second Class Sierra Stapleton performed an impressive Drill Exhibition routine.

 In this category of drill, individuals develop their own routine. It must be varied, unique and well constructed. The routine must also include alignment, marching proficiency use of the drill floor, and include a diversity of weapon movements.

Cadet Stapleton met most all this criteria with her routine but did not finish in trophy contention with her performance. Of notable mention however, Cadet Stapleton was commended for her performance by the River City Drill Team Judges and for being the only Female Cadet to enter the Exhibition Solo Category.

 “Cadet Stapleton did a very good job and we are extremely proud of her performance,” said 1SG (R) George Snyder.

 Cadet Stapleton had only been working on her routine for about two weeks. Generally for a cadet to do well in this category, they need months of practice and even years of practice to really excel.

“Sierra wasn’t fazed by the time it took to prepare her routine, she just knew she wanted to compete and was willing to work extra hard to synchronize marching and weapons movement to make a good impression at her first competition. Her weapon weighed over nine pounds and that is not an easy task to manipulate a weapon that heavy and make it look skilled and effortless,” added 1SG Snyder.

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