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8th grade art/technology work recognized at the January Board of Education meeting

8th grade art/technology work recognized at the January Board of Ed. meeting

         Thanks to WCMS Art/Drama Teacher Juliet Perkins, middle school students are already benefiting from a recent training that Technology Director Johnny Chaplin scheduled with KET. A KET educational specialist visited the district sharing greenscreen technology with the local Technology Resource Teachers from each school building. The Media Smarts/Media Arts presentation focused on students producing individual products instead of simply consuming information using technology.

          The speaker said, “If you assign a Project and you get back 30 of the exact same thing…that’s not a project, that’s a recipe.”

          Keeping in mind January is board recognition month, Ms. Perkin’s 8th grade students incorporated that recognition in a creative way, as they were developing their technology skills and appreciation of art. The board members were tickled that the students incorporated their pictures in the presentation mingled in the art work. The students had fun in class shooting photos of themselves and learning to Photoshop their pictures of themselves into the works of art they were studying.

           Perkins brought three of her eighth graders to share a slide show of their classroom work. Lindsey Lasley, Myla Massengale, and Ryan Coffey.

          “Having to focus on the different pieces of artwork for a longer period of time instead of just glancing at it, I noticed different aspects of the painting, like lines and shading,” Lasley told the board members.

          Classmate Myla Massengale added, “This helped me to learn to not just look and see the big image, but to look at the littles details to find creative ways to incorporate our teams into the project.”     

          On the flip side, they have also learned how easily content can be manipulated on the Internet with programs like Photoshop so they will be more consumer aware and wiser in the future.    

         Kudos to Ms. Perkins for not only doing great things in the classroom, but also organizing student art exhibits, after school art workshops, an annual arts festival featuring local artists and bringing Shakespeare Live assemblies to our students over the past 12 years.

january board of ed

WCMS Art Teacher Juliet Perkins explained the Green Screen Project that is taking place in her classroom

january board of ed

Students shared a slide presentation related to their art appreciation studies

january board of ed

Lindsey Lasley and Board Chairperson Donna Blevins

january board of ed

Ryan Coffey and Board Chairperson Donna Blevins

 january board of ed

Myla Massengale and Board Chairperson Donna Blevins

january board of ed

Art students and their teacher pose for a picture with their certificates

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