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Gifted and Talented Students Participate in a Mock Trial

Mock Trial Team

Many Wayne County High School Gifted and Talented students participated in a "Mock Trial" at the local court house. The Gifted and Talented club encourages students who are interested in debating and can think on their feet to participate in Mock Trial. These students that signed up were ready to challenge their problem solving skills and their quick thinking. They must be ready to dispute with their opponents and be able to back up their point with hard facts. Each student has a different role when it comes to being in Mock Trial. Some could be witnesses for the defense or prosecution, they could be prosecution attorneys or defense attorneys, and the last role someone could hold is time/score keeper. All of these roles help the overall team in one way or another. The prosecution team tries to help their witnesses tell their stories in a way that will help the prosecution team score points. In this case, the defense attorney's job is to try and catch the prosecution witnesses off guard and try to lead them in a way that will help the defense to score points. When the defense bring up their witnesses to the stand, their job is to ask their witnesses what happen, and for them to tell their story. Once the defense witnesses have told their story, then the prosecution team come up with ways to word certain question to ask the witnesses to try and catch them off guard as well. This back and forth battle between the prosecution and defense attorneys really brings out the true debater in these students. These students are practicing to become more comfortable answering questions on their feet and asking questions. Their true test will come on February 1st, 2020 as they will travel to the regional championship tournament which is held in Lexington, Kentucky. They have worked hard as they have practiced everyday after school for the past two months and are eager to compete in the regional championship tournament.

Emily Combs

Prosecution Attorney Emily Combs addresses the court


Defense witness Kadyn McFarland on the stand

Nicholas Shearer

Prosecution Attorney Nicholas Shearer approaches the bench

Prosecution witness Savannah Ramsey

Local Attorney Rhett Ramsey who has coordinated the local learning event

Mock Trial

(L-R Back Row) Ethan Huffaker, Lilly Ramsey, Laurie Abbott, Shyanne Floyd, Cadynce West, Emily Humble, Kadyn McFarland, Attorney Rhett Ramsey

(L-R Front Row) Savannah Ramsey, Emily Combs, Sam Chriswell, Nicholas Shearer

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