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Monticello Elementary students did a great job performing A Christmas Carol

Chrarles Dickens reading


Teacher Panesia Humble

Teacher Panesia Humble adjusted Grayson Denny's bow tie just before the play began.

The Performers getting ready to sing under the direction of Katina Shearer (above and below)

Students singing

Music Teacher Katina Shearer leading the choir 


Felicity Brown was amongst the singers


Performers singing

Singer at program

Madisyn Spurlock was one of the performers

Teacher Karie Rains

Teacher Karie Rains not only helped produce the play, but also made a cameo appearance in the play.

Gabe Massengale played "Charles Dickens" (above and below)

Christmas Carol


Christmas Carol

(l-r:) Gabe Massengale, Jana Kachakeche, Bailey Flores, Mary Prince, Mariah Byrd, Rylee Shelton


Jana Kachakeche, Bailey Flores, Gabe Massengale, Mary Prince, and Rylee Shelton in a scene

Characters Bob Cratchit and Ebenezer Scrooge on stage

Collin Ramsey played "Bob Cratchit" (above and below)

Christmas Carol

Will Graves played "Ebenezer Scrooge"  in a scene with Collin Ramsey

Nate Criswell portrayed "Fred" in a scene with Will Graves (above and below)

Students studying their parts

Will Graves played "Ebenezer Scrooge"

(l-r above and below:) Harlow Clark (played Merry) and Addison Morrow was "Glee"

Christmas Carol


Kiley Carter was Christmas Future

Boy in chains

Bryson Smith played "Jacob Marley"

girl and boy in scene

Donnielle Foster was in a scene with Grayson Denny

(l-r above and below:) Braylee Hutchinson played "Christmas Present", Bryson Smith was "Jacob Marley", and Alondra Lopez portrayed "Christmas Past"

Will Graves in a scene

Will Graves and Alondra Lopez

Collin Ramsey, Jade Baker, Cory Denney, McKenzie Simpson, and Kaleb Jones

Harley Troxell played a "Young Ebenezer" and Jocee Gregory was "Belle" (above and below)

A scene from A Christmas Carol

Annabelle Stephens played "Fran"

Harley Troxell in a scene

Harley Troxell and Annabelle Stephens in a scene

Carson Clark played "Pockets"

A scene with several actors

(l-r:) Kaleb Jones, Collin Ramsey, Cory Denney, Jade Baker, and McKenzie Simpson in a scene

Christmas Carol

Taking a bow

Cast of Students

The cast of students 



Choir Performers:

Evan Smith

Isabella Riddle

Lucas Ross

Henessy Benitez

Harrison Daniels

Frayannie Gonzalez

Lily Haproff

Makayla Catron

Olivia Stinson

Joslyn Roberts

Madisyn Spurlock

Abbygale Humphrey

Jazmyne Cox

Abigayle Ayers

Hailey Piercy

Jameson Wallen

Felicity Brown



Ebenezer Scrooge : Will Graves

Charles Dickens : Gabe Massengale

Peppermint : Mariah Byrd

Mistletoe : Jana Kachakeche

Holly : Bailey Flores

Figgy: Rylee Shelton

Chestnut : Mary Prince

Lucky Girl : Kinley Baker

Old Joe : Malaki Pierce

Char Woman : Aurora Jackson

Moohlah : Harper Clark

Pockets : Carson Clark

Christmas Past : Alandra Lopez

Christmas Present : Braylee Hutchinson

Christmas Future : Kiley Carter

Tiny Tim : Cory Denney

Martha Cratchit : McKenzie Simpson

Peter Cratchit : Kaleb Jones

Mrs. Cratchit : Jade Baker

Belle : Jocee Gregory

Fezziwig : Raheem Quijano

Dolly : McKenzie Catron

Young Ebenezer : Harley Troxell

Fran : Annabelle Stephens

Ted : Grayson Denny

Henrietta : Donnielle Foster

Jacob Marley : Bryson Smith

Glee: Addison Morrow

Merry : Harlow Clark

Bob Cratchit : Collin Ramsey

Fred : Nate Criswell



Julie Pyles:  Producer

Panesia Humble:  Producer

Karie Rains:  Producer

Nicholas Kidd:  Producer

Katina Shearer:  Music Director

Samantha Cummings:  Set Design

Leslie Randall:  Sound

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