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Monticello Elementary Fifth grade students experience concepts first hand at annual Science Fair

5th graders participate in Science Fair

Monticello Elementary fifth graders participated in an annual Science Fair to help them better understand and reinforce Next Generation Science Standards that are implemented in their classrooms on a daily basis. Students showed off Science experiments that they conducted and the art work they did to market their hypothesis. The hope is that events like this will spark further interest in STEM classes that could lead students to impressive career related options.

Two students from each fifth grade classroom were recognized for their efforts. They received a City Engineering and Design Building set to encourage students to use creativity, logic, and problem solving to create different city designs. They could use the gift to make a crane, design bridges or build towers. The students' work was judged using the following criteria:

*Project topic is unique or innovative, shows creativity

*Project shows originality in its design and procedure (based on student's age and experience)

*Well planned and organized

*Project was based on a question the student wanted to investigate

*Contained title, hypothesis, procedures, experimental question, data collected, results and conclusion

*Visually appealing

*Student's discussion indicates sound understanding of what was done in the project

Science Fair Exposition

group photo

Front Row (l-r): Ava Atkinson, Madasyn Spurlock, Kaden Vanhook
Middle row (l-r): Raheem Quijano, Karly Piercy,Mikel Morrow, Jayden Brown, Taylor Allen, Israel Martinez
Top Row (l-r): Grayson Simmons, Wesley Denney, Donovan Hoover, Cameron Davis, Orri Mills, Jordan Rains, Callie Chechkin, Haden Slagle 

Carrie Criswell's Best Activator Slime Experiment

Olivia Hall and Alyssia Hall's Gross Teeth Stains Experiment

Monticello Elementary Teacher Letitia Brown checks out students' projects

(l-r:) Ava Powell and Emma Branscum's What Flavor of Gum Last Longer?

Kealan Foster and Jacob Judd's Foodorne Infection...Is the Five Second Rule True?

Jessica Davis shows off her Process of Making Rock Candy project

Emerson Gonzalez and classmates walk through the exhibits learning all kinds of interesting scientific methods

Jacob Hall's Lego Battery project

Braxton Frost's What's in the Water experiment

Jameson Wallen's Awesome Potato Lightbulb experiment

Hunter Woodruff and his electricity test

Cameron Kelsar's What Brand of Microve Popcorn Popped the Best?

Students sharing their hypothesis and results

Olivia Coffey and Allison Huffer showed off their Eruption project

Breanna Keith and Chelsea Stevens Explore the Power of the Lemon

Kaden Vanhook and Isaiah Byler displayed their Pac-man Frogs exhibit

Students manning their exhibits as students get ready to come through and learn about the scientific experiments

Tori Shelton, Caleb Watson, Savannah Morris, and Daysha Pyles at The Brown Apple Project

Ian Tucker shared his Crayon Melting Rate experiment

Lynnzie Bell and Kami Stringer worked on Which Bridge is the Strongest

Jayden Sullivan explored The Four Seasons

Haygan Doss manned The Explosion

Jana Kachakeche demonstrated Bubble Gum Bananza!!!

Raheem Quijano shared Best Teeth Cleaning Substance?

Brayden Koontz explained Rethink Your Drink

Collin Ramsey's Egg Experiment and Cade Sharpe's Floating Ping Pong ball were interesting. 

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