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All Three Archery Teams win big at McCreary Central Tournament


The Wayne County Archery teams participated in the first tournament of the season at McCreary Central High School December 7th.



Elementary Female:  Olivia Hall (1st place). Lilly Owens (2nd place). Alyssia Hall (3rd place). Mikel Morrow (4th place)


Elementary Male:  Brody Shelton (2nd place). Jonathon Branscum (3rd place)


Middle School Female:  Callie Jones (1st place). Brayleigh Butcher (2nd place). Amelia Ramsey (3rd place). Morgan Cross (4th place)


Middle School Male:  Nathanael Wright (1st place)


High School Female:  Ragan Shelton (2nd place). Chloe Kidd (4th place). Izabella Buck (5th place)


High School Male:  Carter Polson (2nd place)

Members of the Archery Team

Members of the Archery Team knocking their arrows into their bow before they shoot

Senior Zeth Denney
Senior Zeth Denney waits for the whistle

Carson Polson

Carson Polson receives High School boys second place individual

Senior Ragan Shelton

Senior Ragan Shelton received High School girls second place individual

Nathanael Wright

Nathanael Wright finished first place in Middle School Boys individual

Middle School Winners

Members of the Girls Middle School Team

Brody Shelton

Elementary Archer Brody Shelton won second place boys individual

High School Team

High School Archery Team won first place

Middle School Team

Middle School Team won first place

Elementary Team

Elementary Team won first place

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