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Rachel Bertram's reading classes enjoy Harry Potter Party

Rachel Bertram's reading classes enjoy Harry Potter Party


A Harry Potter movie was shown in the high school library that was temporarily converted to the book setting after two of Rachel Bertram's classes read the book together in class.  The party was a culminating activity at the conclusion of the 305 page book read aloud in her Reading Development classes. Students were rewarded for their interest in the book with refreshments and an interesting atmosphere that matched the story.

It is not often that a book read aloud in class get celebrated as much as two of Rachel Bertram’s Wayne County High School classes had the privilege of experiencing. 

The Wayne County High School Media Center rolled out the red carpet for the underclassmen this semester with refreshments and a movie viewing of a Harry Potter film at the conclusion of their reading adventure. Media Specialist Carol Ford welcomed the students to Hogwarts’s Banquet Table filled with decorations and delicious finger foods in the Harry Potter tradition. 

 The students had somewhat unexpectedly dove into J.K. Rowling’s first book in the series of fantasy novels. The novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The young adult fiction captured their interest, in spite of the lengthy 305 pages. Many of the students had not read a novel that lengthy. However, the mystery and drama woven into the book made the pages fly by in class. Some of the students became hooked on reading, which had not truly experienced how joyful and entertaining reading books can be.

“I liked it,” said Freshman Haylie Burris. “It’s the longest book I’ve ever read.”

Their teacher was delighted with their interest and happy to treat those with an 80 percent or better average in the class, indicating they had mastered the reading assignment and class expectations. Bertram said they would have discussions on the book that would sometimes lead to their personal experiences, where they made real life connections. She also hoped that the author’s rags to riches story might inspire them as they learned about her personal story.

“I liked the book,” said Freshman Xavier Tello. “I had never read it before.”

“It was something different,” noted Freshman Raychel Troxell. “The message was more about good versus evil than witches and wizardry.” She related it to an anti-bullying message.

The students selected refreshments from a buffet of Dumbledore’s Lemon bars, Chocolate Frogs, Golden Oreo Balls, Harry Potter’s Birthday Cupcakes, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans just to mention a few of the cleverly created tasty treats served on Harry Potter plates and napkins. The library had been transformed into the wizardly world in honor of the students’ accomplishments in class.     

Bertram said they may consider squeezing in the second book in the series of seven books next semester. 

Harry Potter themed refreshments

WCHS Media Specialist Carol Ford grabbed a book from the wall she had decorated for the party.

(L-R) Raychel Troxell, Brooke Fletcher, Shelby Hollars, Wesley Ramirez went through the food line as Librarian Carol Ford served them.

(L-R) Shelby Hollars, Wesley Ramirez, Dawson Marcum

Cadet Dawson Marcum enjoyed the specially themed drinks

English Teacher Rachel Bertram

Raychel Troxell and Shelby Hollars toasted themselves at the party 

Harry Potter decorations on each table

Harry Potter movie was shown during the party

The library was completely decorated for the event

The library was completely decorated for the event

(L-R) Brooke Fletcher, Xavier Tello, Shelby Hollars, Wesley Ramirez, Dawson Marcum, Raychel Troxell, Madison Dabbelt

(L-R) Natalie Collet and Chris Hale selected refreshments

(L-R) Natalie Collet, Charlee Campbell, Alexis Piercy, Dawson Tieman, Haylie Burris, Jayce Young, Makenzie Tuggle, Emily Dobbs, Chris Hale, Layne Jones, Manuel Palacios, Alex Sanchez, Jasmine Abbott

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