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Courtney Hunter's 2nd Grade Class Performed Oct 4 at Bell Elementary

Courtney Hunter's 2nd Grade Class

Bell Elementary students recently performed a unique anatomy program based on their health and music class called “Our Amazing Body” which was quite a hit with fellow students and their parents.
    Courtney Hunter’s second-grade class did a wonderful job portraying the parts of the body. Physical Education/Health Teacher Lois Bradley wrote the script for them and Music Teacher Susan Helms directed the children with the “Five Senses Song” and Silly School Songs that were amongst educational songs from youtube. 
    The children learned that the human body is made up of many special parts that all work together to make them the awesome people that they are. They began with the brain, which works hard, much like a computer that sends messages all over the body. They studied eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, heart, and lungs. They learned that the skeleton is the framework for the entire body, which includes 206 bones. The muscles make their bodies move like strings move a puppet. 
The children proudly portrayed each organ explaining their job. For instance, the stomach breaks down your food so their body can use it. There were two kidneys to help make the body’s blood pure and to get rid of toxins. The blood was called “magical fluid” that has four parts that do different jobs to help nourish the body.
The age-appropriate program delighted the audience with interchangeable props mimicking the human body that was expertly created by Artist Samantha Cummings. 


(Front L-R) Erionna Smith, Bayleigh Upchurch, Bella Pitman, Shelby Glover, Nathan Glover, Nolan Rose, Shaylee Borden, Shayla Davis, Cameron Houp, Trystan Garrett, Maria Hernandez Juarez, Shaylee Condreay
(Back L-R) Music Teacher Susan Helms, Sophia Young, LeRoy Mobley, Payton Leady, Emma Smith, Mason Tomlin, Andrew Perdue, Jayden Jones, Myrissa Adems, kaleigh Cash, Jonathan Ixcoy Andres, , Ashley Gaspar, Elijah Maxwell, and Teacher Courtney Hunter

(Very Back L-R) P.E Teacher Lois Bradley

Maria Hernandez Juarez, Jonathan Ixcoy Andres, Kaiden Rains, Elijah Maxwell, Shaylee Condreay, Ashley Gaspar

Trystan Garrett places an organ on the amazing human body

LeRoy Mobley

Andrew Perdue

Maria Hernandez Juarez


Kaiden Rains

Payton Leady, LeRoy Mobley, Erionna Smith

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