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JROTC Raider Team earns second overall in One Rope Bridge category at Clarkrange, TN




The Wayne County Cardinal Raider team led by Cadet Captain Ziyon Deboer earned second
overall among 17 different teams in the One Rope Bridge Category and a third overall in the Strength
Category event at the Clarkrange High School JROTC Raider Meet on September 7 th .
Competing in seven different categories, the Cardinal Raiders earned high scores in five other
events but did not finish in trophy contention. For the first competition of the new school year to place
in two categories, is a very good sign that the team will be competitive throughout the Raider Team
season. The One Rope Bridge Category is the event that all teams want to win. It is an event that
requires great coordination, timing, rope tying skills and most of all tremendous upper body strength.
The rope bridge is installed with one end at a near side anchor point and the other end is carried
across a simulated stream to a far side anchor point. At the far side anchor point the bridge rope is tied
off so the near side bridge team can pull the slack from the rope using a specific knot. After the rope is
tightened by the cadets pulling the slack out of the span, eight cadets must then pull themselves across
usually a seventy-five foot span while hooked on to the rope bridge with a carbineer attached to the
individual’s Swiss seat.
Sound complicated, not really but it takes lots of practice if teams expect to win this category.
To place in this category there can be no penalties and your team must construct and de-construct the
bridge in the shortest time possible. Here is where the Cardinal Raider team made history by
constructing and de-constructing the One Rope Bridge in the fastest time ever recorded by a Wayne
County JROTC Raider Team. One minute and twenty-nine seconds. This is a time worthy of national
recognition and it sure made the Cardinal Cadets very proud of their accomplishment. It was just one
event however, and it was time to move on to the other grueling and physically challenging events.
The Cardinal Cadets also earned a third place finish in the strength test category where they had
to flip three very heavy tires up a hill, cross a line, then move a short distance where they had to carry
10 five gallon cans filled with water, and five short logs to another designated area. They then had to
pull several tires up another hill and back down to complete the event. “Absolutely grueling,” said Cadet
Captain Ziyon Deboer as his team finished this event with a third place time of seven minutes and forty-
eight seconds. To say the Cardinal Cadets were exhausted after this event would be an understatement
but they still had five other events to go. It was all a great beginning for the Cardinal Cadets to be back in
competition and doing the very physically and mentally challenging things they love to do.
“We are very proud of the team and wish them continued success,” said Raider Team Sponsor
1SG George Snyder. The competing team members were Cadet Captain Ziyon Deboer, C/CSM Nathan
Baber, C/2 nd Lieutenant Logan Vaughn. Cadet First Sergeant Sierra Stacy, Cadet PV2 Jacob Hill, C/PV2
Madison Johnson, C/PV2 Vincent Lyons, C/PV2 Clayton Campbell, Cadet First Sergeant Luis Quijano, and
C/Mosey Burnett. The team alternates and support members included Cadet Corporal Mason Lewis,
Cadet PV2 Drew Buswell, Cadet Zebulun Allison and Cadet Elijah Kidwell.
“We would also like to thank all the parents and boosters who attend the meet to show their
support for the Cardinal Raiders,” said 1SG Snyder.

Cadets Caption Ziyon Deboer lends his team on the Rope Carry Event. Other team members following him are C/CSM Nathan Baber (hidden), C/PV2 Vincent Lyons, C/2LT Logan Vaughn, C/1SG Luis Quijano, C/PV2 Madison Johnson, C/ Mosey Burnett, C/PV2 Jacob Hill, and Cadet Private Clayton Campbell

Cadet Second Lieutenant Logan Vaughn crossing the One Rope Bridge

Cadet PV2 Jacob Hill negotiating the triangles as he goes through the Gauntlet

(L-R) Cadet Captain Ziyon Deboer and Cadet CSM Nathan Baber followed by Cadet PV2 Jacob Hill preform at the Tire Stacker Event

Cadet CSM Nathan Baber carries log during the Strength Test Event.

Cadet CPT Ziyon Deboer carrying water can and log during Strength Test Event



JROTC Raider Cadets competing in One Rope Bridge


JROTC Raider Cadet PV2 Madison Johnson competing in the Gauntlet event 


JROTC Raider Team Cadets competing in a tire stacker event  


 JROTC Raider Cadets preparing for the cross county rescue event 


JROTC Raider Cadet  Mosey Burnett engaging in monkey bars as part of an event 


JROTC Raider Cadet Second Lieutenant Logan Vaughn participating in a Gauntlet event 


JROTC Raider Cadets taking part in strength test event 


JROTC Raider Cadets participating in Combat Cross Country Rescue event 


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