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Summer Archery Camp helps student perfect skills

Summer Archery Camp helps student perfect skills



Elementary Participants
Front Row: Kanon Bertram, Abbe Hicks, Kyli Kempton, Tyler Pyles, Hunter Hancock 
Back Row: Lilly Owens, Brody Shelton, Olivia Hall, Kaiden Ramsey, Danielle Shelton, Alyssia Hall 
Not Pictured: Jonathon Branscum

Middle and High School participants
(L-R) Front row: Ragan Shelton, Alexsis Hall, Elizabeth Hoskins, Mia Rodriguez
Back row: Ryan Marcum, Nathin Hicks, Savannah Ramsey, Amelia Ramsey, Allie Bunch, Trey Pyles, Destiny Rodriguez, Tania Ruiz
Not pictures: Zeth Denney and Ethan Owens

(L-R) Amelia Ramsey overall top female Middle School archer, Asst Coach Dallas Hoskins, and Trey Pyles overall top male Middle School archer

(L-R) Olivia Hall overall top Elementary female, Asst Coach Dallas Hoskins, Brody Shelton and overall top Elementary male

(L-R) Ragan and Brody Shelton both shot a score of 293 out of 300 from 10 meters to win top archers in their age groups

(L-R) Ragan Shelton and Zeth Denney overall top high school archers


Action Shots

Head coach Forrest Shelton instructs students at the Elementary Camp

(R-L) Asst Coach Dallas Hoskins assists Lily Owens in loading the bow

(L-R) Lily Owens practices her shooting

(L-R) Amelia Ramsey, Tania Ruiz, Alexsis Hall and Allie Bunch

Kyli Kempton

Ethan Owens

Jonathon Branscum

Trey Pyles

Hunter Hancock

(L-R) Brody Shelton and Kyli Kempton

(L-R) Hunter Hancock, Danielle Shelton, Tyler Pyles

(L-R) Kylie Kempton and Lilly Owens

(L-R) Ryan Marcum and Elizabeth Hoskins

(L-R) Zeth Denney, Mia Rodriguez, Destiny Rodrigues and Trey Pyles

Tyler Pyles

Kaiden Ramsey

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