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Elementary Students enjoy Magic Tree House books associated with weekly activities at 21st Century Summer Camp

Elementary Students enjoy Magic Tree House books associated with weekly activities at 21st Century Summer Camp


Week One: Tonight on the Titanic

Students enjoyed activities centered around the Titanic. They learned about Morse code, buoyancy, and social class and inequalities between them.


WCHS Technology Teacher Marsha Bertram read the Magic Tree House: Tonight on the Titanic to the students

Students experienced a 3rd class tea party that included bread, water, and a piece of cheese

(L-R) Harper Clark, Clark Phillips, Harlow Clark, and Owen Harris

Brayden Ayers enjoying the bread in his meal

(Above and below) Students experienced a 1st class tea party that included fruit tartlets, egg salad sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, lemon curd, blueberry scones, and tea served with sugar cubes


Camp Leader Abby Marcum employs a science experiment about buoyancy to show the students what makes things sink and float

Students visited the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Students were given tickets with the names of real passengers aboard the Titanic


Week Two: Pirates Past Noon

Students enjoyed walk the plank math, followed a treasure map, and had an "ARRRRGH" contest to see who had the best pirate voice. The group made parrots to wear on their wrist and made eye patches, they also went to Pirates of the Ohio Cruise on B&B Riverboats in Newport Kentucky.


Evelyn Pop, Raquel Ramirez Balmori, Krisha Patel, and Simon Gregory search for clues found on the treasure map

Moises Hernandez creating his eyepatch

Harley Tucker showing off his eyepatch creation

Erin Norfleet was excited for the field trip

Pirates of the Ohio Cruise on B&B Riverboats in Newport Kentucky

(Above and below) Students prepare for a meal and meet characters on board


Students meeting the first mate

(Above and below) Camp Leader Cody Johnson (above) and Camp Leader Wesley Robinette (below) participated in a sword fight


Pirates unite

(L-R) Kinsley Chriswell, Bralee Kirtley, and Braylee Hutchinson

Students swabbed the deck

(Above and below) Students participated in pirate limbo


Students got face paint from the pirate crew


Week Three: Dingoes at Dinner Time

Students studied the continent of Australia, they made Australian food, created aboriginal art, read some Australian folk tales, and visited Kentucky Down Under. 


(L-R) Will Graves, Braylee Hutchinson, and Anastyn Gossage creating aboriginal art

(L-R) Caleb Alexander and Mark Buchanan creating Australian food

Sampling food from the "Land Down Under"
(L-R) Bryson Ayers, Evelyn Pop, and Carlos Gonzales Hernandez


Week Four: Civil War on Sunday

Students discussed the Civil War, some of the causes, and some things children did around the students ages. They cooked food from the time and played some of the games children played during the Civil War. Students took a trip to the Civil War Museum in Nancy, Kentucky.


Marching drum demonstration presented by Assistant Band Director Tyler Cook

Students try marching to the drums like Civil War soldiers

Kaiden Ramsey preparing to ask a question

Jacob Romero tried hardtack, a type of crackers soldiers ate during the war

Camp Leader Wesley Robinette making homemade biscuits 

Students outside of the Civil War Museum in Nancy, Kentucky

Students playing marbles

Camp Leader Lauren Hughes and her team play marbles

(L-R) Chloe Rigney and Erin Norfleet playing a game of jacks

(Above and below) Students participate in crafts



Week Five: Stallions by Starlight

Week five centered around horses. Students learned about horses and the tools used to groom them and keep them healthy. The week ended with a visit to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington Kentucky.


(L-R) Cobain McGuire and Harley Tucker eat oatmeal as teachers explained that horses are fed oats

Camp Leader Nikki Criswell teaches (L-R) Jacob Romero and Harley Tucker about horses

Bhrona Patel listens intently as she learns about horses

Madalynn Lewis inspects a curry brush used to groom horses

Horse statue in the Kentucky Horse Park

(L-R) Bryson Ayers, Brayden Ayers, and Caleb Alexander pet a draft horse

(L-R) Evelyn Pop, Camp Leader Lauren Hughes, and Corbin McGuire sat on a horse-drawn carriage

Students outside of the Kentucky Horse Park


Everyday Activities


Students enjoyed 4-square 

(Above and below) Everyday begins with stretching


Students loved when Marlene Bass from the Public Library came to visit with neat activities

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