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Wayne County High School JROTC Cadets perform well at Junior Cadet Leadership Camp 2019

Wayne County High School JROTC Cadets perform well at Junior Cadet Leadership Camp 2019

With school out for the summer many students were thinking of the lazy days ahead,
sleeping late and just chilling out. “Not us,” almost in unison responded the 10 cadets from
WCHS JROTC making preparations to attend annual Junior Cadet Leadership Camp (JCLC) at
Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond, KY, held May 25-29TH.

Friday morning came very early for Cadets Lance Burchett, Drew Buswell, Emily Carter,
Cassidy Evans Jacob Hill, Brett Herbig, Madison Johnson, Joseph Nieto Devin Riggs and
Connor Reed as they prepared for the first day of exciting challenges that JCLC always brings.
The Cardinal Cadets made up the advanced party and helped prepare the camp for the main body
which would arrive on Saturday morning. Unexpected challenges awaited each cadet as they
arrived and set about establishing their home away from home for the next five days. Some
cadets were given important leadership positions, while others assumed their duties as one of the
other 220 excited cadets attending camp.

JCLC is designed to present cadets with unique and challenging leadership roles in a safe
learning environment. Cadets participate in many academic and physically demanding activities
which test their leadership knowledge and ability to work with other students they are not
familiar with. Cadets make the decisions during camp and must be in top shape mentally and
physically to be successful. Cadets are expected to successfully complete all phases of training
which included: Drill and Ceremonies, Physical Fitness, Rappelling, Rafting, Land Navigation,
Orienteering, Survival Skills, Water Survival, Swimming and a cadet favorite the High Ropes
Course at Eastern Kentucky University. All this combined with serving in important leadership
roles can make camp a little stressful but certainly fun.

“It’s always difficult for any cadet to be placed in a critical leadership role at camp,” said
First Sergeant George Snyder, but that’s what JCLC is all about. “Operating in an unfamiliar
environment camp can really bring out the cadets leadership ability.”

To culminate the JCLC 2019 training activities and to reward those cadets who had
successfully completed all phases of training, cadets took part in the “Silver Musket Award”
ceremony on Wednesday morning. This year’s award ceremony was held in conjunction with the
Battalion Awards Ceremony. With school flags flapping, each company marched to a designated
point in the Battalion training area. After all companies were in position, Instructors from each
school attending the camp were then given permission to pin the silver musket awards on their
cadets. Instructor 1SG George Snyder had the distinct privilege of presenting the Silver Musket
Award to all ten Wayne County Cadets. This concluded a very long day for the cadets but a day
they had all anxiously anticipated.

Concluding the Silver Musket presentation an impressive Battalion awards ceremony was
conducted prior to dismissing cadets for return to their home station. During this ceremony
individual cadets are recognized for their significant contributions in leadership, physical fitness,
teamwork and character. Cadet Brett Herbig earned the first runner-up Alpha Company
Leadership Award, one of the highest awards given at JCLC and one of the most prestigious
awards given for Company Leadership. This marked the sixth time in seven years that a Wayne
County Cadet has earned a Leadership Award. Cadet Madison Johnson also won the first place
overall women’s Company Physical Fitness Award for Alpha Company. Another prestigious
award given for physical fitness.

“All of our cadets performed exceptionally well in every phase of camp considering their
LET Level,” said First Sergeant Snyder. Additionally Cadets, Madison Johnson also earned a
Peer Leadership award for her squad performance throughout the week. Cadets receiving this
award are selected for their contributions to squad performance for the entire week. A great
award to receive because your peers selected you. Cadets Drew Buswell and Jacob Hill also
earned awards for their performance during their squads One Rope Bridge competition. Their
squad scored a third place finish during a Battalion competition.

“We are very proud of our cadets,” said 1SG Snyder “We always bring motivated and
dedicated cadets to camp and they always seem to set the example and lead the way in all they
do. They made up a great team of young men and women from the Wayne County Cardinal

After the awards ceremony cadets had opportunities to say goodbye to other cadets they
had been working with all week. The cadets departed camp with a great feeling of
accomplishment and a sense of pride as they departed for their home station.

The Wayne County High School Cardinal Battalion Staff and Instructors wish to thank
Dr. Shondra B. New for her duties as Cadet Chaperone and Certified Red Cross Life Guard.
“We are very proud of the outstanding examples our cadets set as students from Wayne County
High School. They are always top notch in everything they do and always give maximum
effort,” concluded First Sergeant Snyder.


Cadets receive briefing on I-Rope Bridge Training

Cadet Brett Herbig (center) and Cadet Devin Riggs (right) preparing swiss seat ropes for bridge crossing

Cadet Emily Carter and other cadets prepare harnesses for repel training

Cadet Joseph Nieto practicing repel training

Cadet Cassity Evans practices repel training

Cadets going through team building activities

(L-R) Cadet Madison Johnson and Cadet Brett Herbig assist in team building activity on obstacle course

Cadet Jacob Hill (right) assists in I-Rope bridge crossing

Cadet Lance Burchett conducts drown proofing exercise using Army Combat uniform

Cadet Conner Reed prepares for confidence jump from diving board

Cadets conduct rafting operation

Awards ceremony formation and Silver Musket Award Ceremony

Cadet Madison Johnson receives peer award for her squadron

Cadet Jacob Hill receives squads I-Rope bridge squad reward

Wayne County Cadets pose with awards
(L-R) Front row: Jacob Hill, Brett Herbig, Joseph Nieto
Back row: Devin Riggs, Emily Carter, Lance Burchett, Cassity Evans, Madison Johnson, Drew Buswell, Conner Reed

(L-R) Jacob Hill, Brett Herbig, Madison Johnson, and Drew Buswell

Cadet Madison Johnson on repel

Cadet Joseph Nieto repels

Cadet Brett Herbig bounds down repel tower

Cadet Conner Reed prepares for repel

Cadet Cassity Evans on high rope swing

Cadet Madison Johnson on high rope swing

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