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Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Ethan Morrow attends U. S. Naval Academy Summer Seminar

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Ethan Morrow attends U. S. Naval academy Summer Seminar

JROTC Battalion Commander, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Ethan Morrow was recently selected to
attend the very prestigious United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar. This activity is for
perspective students who have a desire to attend the Naval Academy and it gives high school juniors a
weeklong preview of what they can expect if they are selected to attend the Naval Academy.

For quite some time Cadet LTC Morrow has set his sights on attending the U.S. Naval Academy.
He has prepared himself academically, mentally and physically over the past three years to meet the
very stringent acceptance requirements. On March 6, he was notified he was selected to attend the
June Summer Seminar at the U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He was more than excited to
receive notification and to realize he was one of over 800 high school juniors throughout the nation to
attend the Summer Seminar last month.

His week at camp included all kinds of tours and hands on activities most of which were Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematical reasoning. Cadet LTC Morrow was fortunate enough to
request he be enrolled in certain classes at the Seminar so he chose - Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear
Engineering, and Foundations of Leadership as part of his academic schedule.

“The seminar was fun but certainly very challenging,” said Cadet LTC Morrow. “There were
some very smart young high school students there who were very impressive and knowledgeable in
these areas.”

“On one activity in our Mechanical Engineering class we had to tear down a push mower to its
lowest mechanical operation and then put it all back together again without instructions and in a certain
amount of time. This was a simple but great exercise to test our teamwork and mechanical reasoning,”
explained C/LTC Morrow.

“I really enjoyed all the activities and it was a great learning experience for me,” noted C/LTC

The ‘leg up’ to fulfill his dream has inspired him to continue to set high goals that could possibly
lead to acceptance at the U. S. Naval Academy. Cadet LTC Morrow finished the Seminar ranking in the
top 20% of his class and received an overall excellent rating for his performance. There are still many
academic and physical challenges he might face. To better prepare himself, Cadet LTC Morrow regularly
participates in JROTC activities where he is the current JROTC Battalion Commander, the Raider Team
executive officer, as well as working at a full time job at Beaver Creek.

Morrow is involved in other activities outside JROTC, like the school based Young Republican
Club and is a student government officer. He presently maintains a 4.0 GPA at WCHS. Ethan is the son of
Rose and John T. Morrow

Military academies are looking for scholars, athletes, and leaders and only accept the very best
and most qualified young men and women the nation has to offer. Cadet LTC Morrow fills many of these
requirements and he hopes to continue adding to his impressive resume by taking challenging academic
courses and continuing to develop physically during his senior year. The Cardinal Battalion instructors are very proud of Cadet LTC Morrow and wish him much success this coming school year as he pursues
his goals in life.


Summer Seminar included PT training

Cadet LTC Ethan Morrow shakes hands with one of his instructors, Midshipman Engler a Junior at the USNA

Cadet LTC Ethan Morrow standing in front of one of the U.S. Naval Academy buildings.

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