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21st Century five week Summer Camp enjoyed by Middle School students

24st Century Summer Camp for Middle School


Week One: Survivor Week

Students got into teams and had to learn how to work as a team and get along as they solved riddles for the immunity idol and did several challenges.


Christian McPheron taking part in the Ping Pong Ball Relay

Jaiden Campos transfer her ping pong ball to teammate Myra Harris

Teams prepare to compete in the Survivor Week Challenge games

Evan Sullivan focuses on the ball as he walked to his teammates

Myra Harris rounds the cone to head back to her team

(L-R) Front row: Christian McPheron
Middle row: Christina Palma Morales, Amelia Ramsey, Hannah Kempton
Back row: Audrey Humphries, and Wiley Baer

(L-R) Front row: Myra Harris
Middle row: Emily McPheron, Kaylee Julius
Back row: Maria Gonzales Pastor, Jaiden Campos, Shelby Gregory

Camp Leader Nicholas Kidd leading physical training exercises

Students enjoy Minecraft Class

Slade Gregory takes a mysterious food item from Deborah Kennedy for the food challenge

The Ultimate challenge, students had to fill up buckets with water while standing feet away from it

Camp Leader Ben Rose

Lauren Botts participated in the monkey bar challenge

Students go through a rope maze


Week Two: Escape Week

Students worked in groups to escape from different situations.


Teams raced against the clock and each other to find clues to help them solve the riddle
(L-R) Gracie Shelton, Toby Romero, and Alisson Perez

Teams worked as a unit to solve the riddle
(L-R) Gracie Shelton, Savana Crouch, Riley Lewis, Camp Volunteer Clay Criswell, Caroline Criswell, Camp Leader Emily Keith, Cailyn Botts, and Toby Romero

Students played Red Rover

Teen helper Daniel Ward

(Above and below) Students participated in chin ups as part of their PT


Week Three: Cupcake Wars

Students learned culinary skills at a cooking school in Lexington and followed that up with their own cooking creations marketed for a cook off competition. Third place was The Four O.K. Bakerz, second place was Frostbite, and first place was Camp Cupcakes.

Click here for the full article on Cupcake Wars.


Chef Allison Davis instructing the class on how to make cupcakes at Wild Thyme Cooking School in Lexington Kentucky

Camp Leaders and students preparing the cupcakes

(L-R) Sixth grader Francisco Gonzales Hernandez cuts out the middle of the cupcakes with guidance from Camp Leader Ben Rose

(L-R) Kimmie Wombles, seventh grader Aaron Abner, and sixth grader Gracie Shelton pip the cupcakes

Judges (L-R) District Menu Planner Casey Holt, Cook Connie Dishman, Cook Melissa Hancock, Monticello Banker Kevin Rose, and Cook Patricia Harmon preparing to score the participants' cooking project

(L-R) Bryron Wombles, Varsil Patel, Camp Leader Nicholas Kidd, Zach Baer, Toby Romero, Wiley Baer

First place; Camp Cupcake
Camp Cupcake pose in front of their winning cupcakes and display


Week Four: Express Yourself

Students were encouraged to let their creativity flow. Guest art instructors came in and gave some art tips to students. They got to participate in thr making of sock puppets, paper quilling, salt and glue water color paintings, string art, wood burning art, crayon melting, and they tried their hand at 3D pens.


(L-R) Scarlet Guffey and Odalis Hernandez getting materials for sock puppets

Gracie Shelton starts her puppet

Students learned how to paper quill 

Kane Norfleet using a 3D pen

Audrey Humphries making crayon art

Students participate in string art

(Above and below) Students took a field trip to Singletary Museum of Art in Lexington


After the tour, students were invited to make Taco Art


Week Five: Production Week

Students worked with green screens, virtual reality headsets, and, using the sock puppets made from the previous week, created scripts and made sock puppet movies. The rest of the students joined Drama Camp and Crossville to see the musical Matilda which played in the main auditorium. They got to see Theorchestria Pit, the Catwalk and the Whole Kit and Kaboodle. Students enjoyed the plays. For most, it was their first time seeing a "real" play and musical.


Camp Leader Nicholas Kidd participates in Drama Club

(L-R) Raquel Balmori Ramirez, Harlow Clark, and Clark Phillipos playing drama warm up games

(L-R) Arely Paiz Lopez and Makena Cooper enjoying drama camp

(L-R) Riley Lewis, Scarlet Guffey, and Camp Leader Ben Rose play as beggars in the play

(L-R) Moises Hernandez playing General Wolf, Will Graves playing the King, and Caroline Criswell playing as a cloked figure

(L-R) Amelia Ramsey and Malachi McWhorter playing as con artist

(L-R) Makena Cooper playing as the Queen and Alisson Perez playing as the Cook/Witch 

(Above and below) The play comes to an end



Service Learning Club

Middle school students took time out of their day to do many chores such as sweeping, mopping, taking out the trash, picking up trash on the lawn and even pulling weeds from flower beds.


Slade Gregory sweeps up after lunch

(L-R) Malichi McWhorter and Riley Lewis help with taking out the trash

Odalis Hernandez Vicente wipes the tables after lunch

Aaron Abner sweeps the floor

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